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I am happy to report that my burn is healing very nicely and I am not going to have any scars.  Thank you for all of the kind emails and tweets that you all sent me, I feel loved :o)

After rescheduling the Palm Springs shoot, I ended up being there last week instead of the week prior.  I had never been and was really excited to go to the resort I was shooting at called the Riviera.  It was such a cool place! A throwback to the 50s with all of the old celebs…very cool decor and loved the vibe there.  I arrived on Tues and shot the night away until about 10 pm and then passed out! I was able to relax for a bit wed, found a really cute cafe after being super bummed out that the tram up to the mountains were closed for the season! I missed it by a week!!! The week I was burned, oh well….next time. 

for my love of the Irish

yay! baby was able to come with this time

take it off, take it off!

Private Brianna or should I say Brianna’s Privates

You’re going to love this shoe fuck set!

I was starved! Grubbing on a chicken veggie sandwich

This week was INSANE! I usually schedule shoots so that I have a week to recover…not the case with a reschedule! One of my friends flew into Vegas so that I could help her with a photoshoot for some advertising she needed…however the thing was that I was also shooting a ton of content for my site…so just a tad bit overwhelming and stressful.  As in proper Brianna Jordan fashion, I ended up getting it done of course!

Pinup set

I hate the taste of cherries! Lol

getting sleepy midday

eating my apple & pb for a pick me up…or feeding Gaby really lol

looking for the prrrrfect pic

Brianna Mistress of the Night (As Elvira!)

 Yesterday I had a meeting scheduled that I could not miss and today we are doing a girls day with massages, the gym, the spa, and dinner later.  It will be nice to unwind with my girl even if only for a few hours.  Friday is back to business as usual until the evening when I am taking her to see her 1st Las vegas Cirque show…Le Reve, I have seen it several times and highly recommend it to anyone…even if its not your type of thing.  Very entertaining! Ok guys, enjoy the pics and I will see you during next weeks LIVE show! Remember, all http://www.briannajordan.com members see it FREE!

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A moment of weakness, it happens to us all but what you do about it makes all the difference in the world

So as you all know, I had that stupid accident over a week ago now and am still trying to recover.  It is getting much better now with the outer skin peeling off and the bigger wounds hopefully healing.  The skin underneath just needs to recover, its pretty amazing how deep that burn went and even more amazing to me how much pain it actually caused.  I have always thought that I had an extremely high pain tolerance.  I never take pain killers, even when I had surgery several years ago-I just dealt with the pain instead of relying on a drug to make me numb. 

That brings me to a little story, one thing you all may not know about me.  You all see and know that I am a over worked, hard worker that is obsessed with everything health & fitness…well it didn’t always used to be like that.  I’m not speaking of my high-school days of experimentation when I smoked a shitload of weed and drank until the cows came home-lol (eh hum-I still graduated with honors & got a full ride scholarship to college…so I wasn’t all bad!) I am speaking of the very 1st time that I had surgery.  I was 21 years old.  I was prescribed painkillers to deal with the pains of the nerve endings regenerating post surgery.  No one really told me of the dangers of prescription medication and I had since stopped smoking weed and was semi-healthy, I think the younger you are, the more naive about what being healthy really means.  So I started taking more and more pills, it got to the point where the DR said I didn’t need anymore and I was convinced I did and that I was still in a ton of pain-month after my surgery.  I was buying painkillers from the guy that used to sell me weed! My friends were noticing a huge change in my personality, and instead of being my normal fun-loving self…I was becoming a grouchy couch potato! It took me getting into a BIG fight with a boyfriend that I had at the time to make me wake up the next day and realize that I really was “addicted” to these prescription drugs! So, I took it upon myself to get clean.  I took all of the pills I had stashed everywhere! And really, they were everywhere! In my drawers, in my kitchen, my bathroom, my car, my purse(s) everywhere! I went through the most horrible withdrawal, which kept me in bed and violently ill for almost 2 weeks.  I found the strength to survive it and afterwards wondered how I ever got myself into that position.  After doing a ton of research about the effects of pain meds and how they work on your brain, I knew I did the right thing and shortly after that I began transforming all of the areas of my life into being as healthy and natural as possible. 

People don’t realize that pain medication is only designed to mask your pain, it doesn’t fix anything.  Once your pain is masked, you feel like you are able to do more-which may cause further injury or the worse case scenario is that your brain triggers pain sensory responses to your body when the meds wear off and make you think you are in pain and that you need the medicine. 

That story is a classic example that no, not everyone is perfect and we all have our bouts of weakness.  I always say that 10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is how you deal with it.  If we can learn from our mistakes and grow from them, we will have fulfilled and richer lives.  Now all of the preaching I do about health, fitness and not abusing alcohol or doing drugs makes more sense huh? Lol. 

I hope that if you or someone you know is having trouble with addiction, that you are able to find the resources in your area to get help.  It will be tough initially but you CAN do it!

SOOO, enough of my public service announcement, lmao! and back to being a little naughty! I have had so much time at home on my computer to catch up on editing its not even funny! I have my updates done now through next year which is FABULOUS! Here is a sneak preview:

“Boss Bitch” Who do u think gets their way in this set?

Aria and I get into some FUN lotion play!


Its a wicked web of naughty sex I weave ;o)

What does this make you want to do?

girl-girl-girl-girl orgy!

A perfect orgy is not complete without a pillow fight!

Kortney Kane & I get nasty in the bathroom stall

And much much  more….

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Kisses until Friday’s Live show!

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