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Burn Victim but I am very lucky it wasn’t worse!

If you’ve been following my tweets, you all know that on Monday night while I was making a lovely dinner, I burned myself pretty bad!  I was making my artichokes with angel hair pasta and was dumping out the boiling water from the pasta.  The pot was so heavy that it slipped out of my hands and out of the sink directly on my hipbone & down the front of my thigh.  Of course as you all know I was hardly wearing any clothes as usual-just a pair of panties and a super thin t-shirt.  Later I found that I was lucky I wasn’t wearing jeans or more.  I immediately ripped off the shirt/panties and the panties were already singed into my side! It felt like my skin was literally falling off! A friend of mine was there upstairs helping me do some handy work and was able to rush me to the Dr.  I had grabbed a cold ice pack for relief but that wasn’t working and as soon as I spoke with the Dr, they said NO ice, No creams, nothing…and that I was very lucky it was not a 3rd degree burn.  It was however a 2nd degree which was excruciating pain, I have never cried that much, and was literally screaming at the top of my lungs (which was freaking everyone in the waiting room out)!  I learned there is nothing at all that you can do for a burn but wait for it to heal and do pain management with meds.  I declined the morphine they were ready to give me-I did need it but I am a strong believer in no pain management meds…however the pain was so bad I did take the hydrocodene that they gave me.  That helped me sleep through the night, kind of and then yesterday I tried to walk as much as I could-which was just to and from the kitchen, bathroom, living room etc.  The skin turned purple and it looks as if it will start peeling eventually, I am just praying it doesn’t scar!  I did get very lucky and my heart & thoughts really go to the burn victims that are suffering-especially the kids in that situation.  As an adult, all I could do is scream in agonizing pain and was uncontrollably shaking, I don’t know how they survive really. 

This weeks blog was going to be different and lighter but as you all know, I like to give you the real insider scoop about my life and what is really going on with me.  Here is a pic of the burn from today,  it is getting much better-our bodies are amazing in the way that they heal and recover.  I am truly blessed to have a body that is healthy and is able to recover quickly!

After some skin came off, the line is where my panties singed my skin

Well onto happier thoughts! This weeks update is HOT! The Pink Pussy Plug gallery is already posted and Friday I will post the Video! Enjoy and thank you all for your well wishes-they are working!

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Rest & Recouperation?

Well, I am taking it a little easier then I usually do  Since I did a long photoshoot all day on Tuesday, I let myself take yesterday & today off of the gym…my body really needs this little bit of rest.  I am so addicted to the gym that I am not resting my injuries and they aren’t getting any better! Lol, DUH! I need these 2 days to sleep in a little and not be strained. 

The shoot Tuesday was again at the Hard Rock Casino, this suite was a little better then the last one as far as cleanliness goes, but they put me in the wrong room! and then made me wait from 11am (when I originally arrived to check in) til 245pm when I was finally able to start shooting! It threw such a wrench in my day where I finished at 8p & could have been done by 6! Oh well, shit happens I guess.  We did get some amazing pics and I had fun cumming again & again! Lol….that’s prob the best part of a shoot day! Afterwards, I went to dinner at this place at Hard Rock called Nobu, award winning sushi joint-however I don’t eat sushi! Lol..I had chicken skewers ($30 for less then 2 oz of meat! CRAZY) and a veggie roll along with a really strong glass of wine! WHEW I was a little tipsy but the night ended with a fun fuck! Lol and then I went home to pass out!

taking all my clothes off as usual ;o)

this chair was HUGE! I was able to do some serious acrobatic posing here

take me now! Lol

My slutty stripper gear

getting down & dirty literally! the things I do for you guys! lol

flashing in the casino (believe it or not-this was pre-wine!)

Yesterday was spent catching up on work, making returns from the lingerie that wasn’t worn in the shoot, finally getting my car’s bumper fixed from the 3 people that hit it in one week! mailing out all the winning auctions, prepping a yummy dinner & more errands! Today will be kind of the same, except now I’m gonna rush off to the chiro! My neck & back are in need of a serious adjustment! Ouch, shooting takes a huge toll!

The best way to get your very own time to smell ME TASTE ME & touch me is by winning this weeks auctions! http://abibids.com/index.php/page,Search/searchtxt,brianna%2520jordan

The winners last week enjoyed my cum stained panties and a bonus autographed photo ;o)
Don’t miss your chance! xxoo

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#WET Wednesday

Is everyone following me on twitter yet? If not, you should…it will give you a day by day insight of what I do day to day, my personality and the best thing…hot random free pics! http://www.twitter/brianna_jordan

Today is #wetwednesday which can mean a few different things, but for me you get a sneak peak of next week’s NEW Photo Gallery, called “WET” of course!
Whats new, well I am of course getting ready for next weeks shoot, which will be an amateur shoot…when I posted the “Naughty Night” set from when I was flashing all around Scottsdale, you guys really responded well to it! So I figured I could use a break from the glamour production and shoot with less makeup and my own camera ;o) You guys will LOVE it-trust me! I am renting a suite at the Hard Rock again, the last shoot was also at the Hard Rock but in a different area.  I was a bit disappointed with it, it was one of their older Celebrity Suites-it really looks amazing online and then walking into it…besides being dirty and having scary looking stains in weird places (like on the pool table! Lol) the furniture was literally falling apart.  You guys know how much I love to do crazy poses and climb all over the furniture-so having it be wobbly was not fun! Anyway, the suite for next week is in the new part and I have already been in one before-so I know its clean and new enough not to have broken shit & stains everywhere-I’ll be safe! Most of you know I am a HUGE germaphobe? I always have a travel size can of lysol in my purse! Heehee, you can never be sure!

Besides shooting my life away, I am also planning to shoot my life away! I am scheduled to shoot in Palm Springs after this (right after Labor Day weekend) and then get a day after to hang out in Palm Springs! FUN!-I hope  I will be shooting with the gorgeous Jelena Jensen in October…everyone always tells us how similar we look….

Whatcha think?

I think we do but we don’t, lol! She’s a badass chick though and I’m excited to see her soon! Another badass chick that happens to be my bestie! Maggie-of course will most likely be attending Adultcon in Las Vegas with me! If you want to meet me in person, that’s the best time to come down, get your autographed pics, I sell DVDs and other merchandise for a LOT less there then I do online ;o) Its to show my fan appreciation! So don’t miss adultcon in Vegas, November 3rd, 4th, & 5th

Come out to play!

Right after adultcon Vegas, I will be headed out east! Yep, to Florida.  I’ll be shooting with the lovely Vicky Vette…I am excited to meet her, I’ve only heard great things about her…besides being gorgeous, I know she is a business woman like myself.  Its always very cool to be around positive women that have it together! Too often this business eats up girls and leaves them high & dry…NO ONE LIKES A DRY PUSSY! Lmao!
On that note, here’s another WET preview for the Monday, August 22nd Gallery ONLY at http://www.briannajordan.com/

Enjoy and I hope to see you guys at the live show this Friday as well as during my photo shoot next tues! xxoo, Bri

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Wonderful Wednesdays!

They seem to always be the day after my shoots now a days! Lol…I feel like I was just involved in a major car accident! As I said before, shooting takes so much physical and mental energy, so being completely drained afterwards is normal. The shoot was a great success though! I was able to bang out (literally-lol) 8 sets within 6 hours and there was still day light when we were finished! Just enough time to grab a bite to eat at Maggiano’s…I couldn’t help myself! Calorie counting went out the window last night! Lol…I had lasagna and even dessert! It was gone in like 2.2 seconds! Haha!

My office for the day yesterday

Nonna’s Pound cake

2.2 seconds later!

This week is all work and one day of rest (today).  I will hit it hard at the gym as usual and get ready for the next shoot I have in a couple of weeks….YAY! Im going to Palm Springs! I am shooting there yes, but I am staying one extra day to rest, relax and chill by the pool.  I have never been there but have heard great things…and being that I live in Vegas, I know that I can handle the heat.  Its supposed to be 10-15 degrees hotter there? They also have a tram that takes you up into the mountains where its cooler and you can grab a bite to eat…which I intend to do! Maybe Palm Springs will be privey to my flash-capades?! lol!!

Off to get some computer work done today and maybe a run to the chiro! My neck is jacked up today!

Have a great week! Check out the shoot in my LIVE show archives! You can see the behind the scenes look at some of the photosets & Videos I shot!  Until next week! xxoo


Who doesn’t wanna get naughty on a pool table?

My big ass was the topic of convo all day!

this was everyone’s fav look, what’s yours?


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What a LONG week!

Im shooting like a maniac as well as managing other models and dealing with all my property rental shit…I have to make a day to chillax-lol! I have been able to manage everything though which is great! After any shoot, it takes a day or two to catch my body up…shooting is really quite strenuous and takes a tremendous amount of strength and energy.  After I got back into the swing of things, I had my mom’s actual b-day dinner-which she knew about but having all of her friends and family there was the surprise.  We went to a yummy teppanyaki grill and I watched everyone do saki bombs! Quite interesting lol!

Sooki saki sooki saki oye oye oye!

That was the end of her 50th bday surprise celebration!! I was so happy to be able to spend some time with one of my girls, Aria Giovanni, we went to Mona Miga B at the Paris Hotel, which is you’ve never been….is a must do in Vegas…you just have to sit outside on the patio.  You’ll be able to people watch and see the Bellagio fountain show.  Cool atmosphere and they are well known for their filet mignon & frites (its a french inspired joint).

How cute we match both wearing black & white dresses
The gorgeous view on the way home yesterday

After dinner & a few glasses of wine, I had to return back to life the next day and work my ass off! I also ended up picking up my girlfriend and her baby, Chloe…she took a minute to warm up to me but then we were besties, lol! 

And NO I don’t want 1!

I was able to stop by Aria’s shoot that day as well and hang out a bit before I said goodbye..its great seeing friends-especially when I’m not the one shooting! I am doing a million and one things today but tomorrow will be home for long enough to have my HOT Live show which is FREE to all of my members of http://www.briannajordan.com otherwise you can pay per minute to watch on http://www.briannajordan.cammodels.com

Until tomorrow, kisses!

Dressed up for a live show!
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