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A little hike to escape the heat!

Gosh, I’ve lived in Vegas for a long time and you’d think that I would have aclimated to this insane heat…I guess you never really do! I have been going through a rough time with my family as I said in my last blog and have been just working so much that I need to implement my rule! Find balance!!! So I decided to go for a little hike at Mt Charleston.  For those of you that have never been, its so nice up there…a place that Las Vegans can escape the intense heat and hang out at about 30degrees less then in the valley here.  They have cabins that you can rent with huge jaccuzi tubs and fireplaces…can make for a romantic excurtion! Lol…I went with a friend though and my doggie…they also have a great Lodge where you can get chips & salsa or a nice filet mignon-whatever you’re in the mood for. Here area a few shots from that day last week!

Of course I am gonna get naughty while I’m in the woods! Lol!!! Speaking of naughty, I had so much fun shooting yesterday…I was super laid back since it was an amatuer shoot but the content turned out really HOT! I did a set where I was baking you brownies! In a bubble bath full of rose petals, and other fun things! All while fucking myself silly all day…what can be better! Now I am exhausted, since every shoot involves many hours of holding yourself in uncomfortable poses and positions! So I did a short 1 hour workout today and am going to get ready for my mom’s bday dinner-today is her real bday…had to do the scottsdale surprise early so that it stayed a surprise!

Here are a few Bts pics from yesterday’s super fun shoot and if you want to see some of the action LIVE, all http://www.briannajordan.com/ members see for free! If you can’t make it live while its happening…all the live shows are always archived so you can play them whenever you want! I always take tons of fun behind the scenes pics and pics of me in everyday life so all of my members get to know the real me as well as the sexy naughty Brianna! Join me now so you don’t miss out! Its more than a bargain since viewing me on cam or in person is sooooo expensive! My website offers you all of that and more for a mega-low fee!

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Striving to find & maintain balance

I think we all have struggled at one point or another with finding balance in our lives…I think now is my point.  I am such a driven and ambitious person that sometimes I forget to actually live and it hurts the ones I am close to.  For those of you that are following my tweets & FB, you know that the last week has been a difficult one for me.  I’m not going to go into the exact details however, its just been tough.  I don’t often feel defeated or hopeless but have been struggling with that.  I have been pushing through it of course and moving on with everything, as I always will…  This is just one of the not so fun parts of life and as I preach to everyone, 10% of life is what happens to you and 90% is how you react to it.  So I am digging deep within myself to find the life lessons here and learning from mistakes in order to grow as a person and be better.  A lot of times we find ourselves in these situations and it can seem so hopeless & depressing BUT I want you all to know that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!  Time heals all wounds-its cliche but it really does! If you or anyone you know is going through a tough time right now, be sure to keep your head up high and push on…do all of the normal things you always do-even if you have to fake it, and if its someone you know, preoccupy them and be supportive…even if talking is not what they want to do, just be there and that will help.

AMEN! Lol, I feel like I was giving a sermon there for a minute! Haha! Well this month has sort of blown by quickly and I being waist-deep in work as usual, I am searching for another home to buy as well (not to live in but to add to my luxury short-term rental business).  I absolutely LOVE searching for homes…its really so fun! I am a big dreamer and try to see what changes I can make to an existing property to make it spectacular! Hopefully I will find the right buy soon and be able to expand that business more.  I am also shooting almost every week and trying to find time to shoot more! I will be doing a lot of solo shoots so that I have plenty of HOT exclusive work for you guys to enjoy.  The g/g shoots will be starting back up after the end of the summer when its not 120 deg every day here! Whew! I walk outside and start melting immediately lol…these days are 3 shower days for sure.

I hope you guys LOVED seeing me dominated for the very 1st time!  Kelly Divine as I’ve said before was a blast to work with and pushed me just beyond my limits which made for some amazingly HOT sex scenes together! If you haven’t seen, here are some pics of the 100+ photo gallery but the rest along with the HD Hardcore video can be seen FREE by members of http://www.briannajordan.com/

I am also working on doing my dirty laundry ;o) This will post next week!

and a preview of this week’s bodynet pics! (You are getting lucky with all of the previews this week!!!)


Remember! When you join http://www.briannajordan.com/ you get access to not only my thousands of high quality photos, but my HD Video’s, all of my girlfriends, weekly LIVE shows, and MORE + direct access to ME-I pride myself in that I give all of my members special attention…you contact me through the site and you reach ME directly! Enjoy and I will see you all in the LIVE show this week! xxoo

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Home Sweet Home

All of you know that I went on my 1st vacation were I wasn’t supposed to work or workout at all, the 1st one in a little over 7 years! I realized a few things while I was gone…I have let myself become so wrapped up in growing successful businesses that I have forgotten to stop and enjoy the small things that make life special.  I also realized that because I am so driven and motivated that its nearly impossible to sit still and just lay around while on vacation….that lasted all of 24 hours.  After the 1st day I HAD to release all of my pent up energy and went to the gym…and continued to do so, just not the normal 2-3 hours per day I usually do.  I allowed myself to do smaller one hour workouts and then make up some calorie burning by doing laps in the pool.  I also allowed myself to enjoy food without being obsessed with calorie counting & guilt.  I realized that I am becoming overly obsessed with all of that…I have always struggled to maintain a healthy body image for myself…I know that other people see me as having a phenomenal body and that I should be able to relax but perhaps that is one of my weak points.  Being able to see yourself as others see you is very difficult sometimes…but I have to practice what I preach to all of my beautiful friends…learn to love yourself as you are! The last thing I realized, was that after I figured out how I would best enjoy my vacation…so what I worked out and did a tiny bit of work while I was there…that’s me, just who I am…I really enjoyed living a little more than I normally do…having a few glasses of wine & enjoying great food, friends and fun!  I ate out every day while I was there and more then a few times at the same place…one of my FAVORITE’S! Its a great, trendy hot spot called Culinary Dropout.  They have soft pretzel rounds that you can dip in a blended cheese fondue, homemade kettle chip with sour cream & onion dip…the most amazing entrees and of course who can forget the monkey bread! So tasty! I also went to another fav of mine Season’s 52.  I have been to the only other location which is in Orlando, Fl.  ( I used to live there and still have a lot of fam that’s there)  Seasons 52 is a great wine bar and restaurant where every single menu item is under 475 calories but full of the most amazing flavors!  If I were to ever come back in my next life as a chef (since I LOVE cooking so much) this is the sort of place I would model my ideas around…healthy eating does not have to taste bland or bad for that matter.  I absolutely loved being with my friends and some work friends while there but I think the best part was when my surprise for my mom worked out so well.  I’ve known that this trip was coming up for a while, and so was my mother’s 50 b-day.  I had no idea what to do, so I spontaneously decided to get her a room at the fabulous resort I was staying at for the last couple of days that I was there.  So obviously someone had to get her there without blowing the surprise, so I enlisted her fiance and instructed him to tell her they were going somewhere in cali and to pack for the weekend.  (When driving from Vegas to AZ there is a small portion that takes you over the cali border-just to confuse her-lol)  So when she arrived, I had already checked into her room & decorated it with balloons, streamers, signs, confetti, cupcakes, wine, the works! She was really surprised and very appreciative.  I am so glad she like it.  There have been a LOT of ups & downs in our relationship…and although its definitely not where it should be…baby steps.  So my water slide adventures, laying out poolside-ordering chips & salsa, having great food with friends & fam came to an end and Vegas was on the horizon…  I made it back Sunday evening with a flat tire & a rear bumper almost detaching! Lol….if its not one thing with this car, its another….BUT I am healthy, happy and already waist deep in work again.  I am posting several galleries as a result of this trip! Some naughtiness, fun and sexy! I was feeling frisky during this whole trip & did plenty of public flashing! Lol…even a mini night time shoot in my see thru bikini! All of my amazing members of http://www.briannajordan.com get to see it all for free but I’ll give everyone else a sneak peek as well.  PLUS this week on the site is Girl/Girl week.  You get to see me with the bootyful Kelly Divine <—pun intended, as well as Maggie Green with Aria Giovanni for the 1st time!  If you have never seen me being dominated?  And you never have…since I am the one that does the dominating around here ;o) stay tuned for the HOT video Camo Carnage with Kelly and I this Friday! She dominates me as we celebrate the death of that terrorist asshole that doesn’t even deserve his name mentioned here….Enjoy all of the free preview pics and I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s LIVE show! It was part II of the new monthly cooking episodes I am now doing by popular demand.  Love you all and can’t wait to see you next week!!


on the way

Getting ready

Culinary Dropout

Sweet Corn Cannelloni! MMM

Rachael Aziani


Vanilla DeVille & I


My mom’s surprise visit

SUPER FUN Waterslide!

after the pool flash!

last nite out in scottsdale

Last nite dinner & Culinary Dropout

On our drive home…
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I am so excited! I was planning on working and working out a little while I was in scottsdale BUT all I ever do is work and workout! Soooo, I am so far just taking it easy. The week preceeding this trip was sooooo hectic! 1st with my photoshoots and then all the work that I had on top of grueling workouts and the brutal temps in Las Vegas! I was just completely depleted by the time this trip rolled around. I packed super light (I usually don’t travel anywhere unless I can plan to shoot or work which require bringing so many extra bags!) and took off on July 4th of all days, lol. Not without getting a pedicure before the trip ;o)

My new vacay color

It takes about 5 hours or so from Las Vegas to get to Scottsdale…everyone has been asking me why the hell I chose a place that is hotter than LV! Lol, but I have friends here and the resort I usually stay at is super relaxing and takes great care of me. Plus anywhere else is too far and I wouldn’t have time in between working to make time…and I need to be able to bring my pooch! Baby is never left behind ;o)


Of course I am taking plenty of pics for you guys! The candids will be posted within the next month or so…I was being my usual goofball self and taking topless pics of myself on the road while flashing passer bys! There were so many cops on the road though, so it was a bit risky…lol!

Roadtrip Cleavage!

Once we arrived I was STARVING! So we checked into the hotel and went to one of my favorite Scottsdale YUM spots, its called Culinary Dropout. The owner of this restuarant concept owns many other cool restuarants and I intend to try them all while I am here, lol! Yes, its that good. As you all know, I am a maniac when it comes to the gym, eating healthy, counting calories and am a bit nuerotic about it all really. I am making a concious decision this week not to be that way. I’m not saying that I am going to throw all caution to the wind and eat 3,000 cals per day, lol…but I am going to allow myself a glass of wine or two and some yummy food without feeling too guilty (old habits die hard).

My 1st vacay meal! Sweet corn Cannellini with white asparagus

MMMM, that was so tasty! For the appetizer I had homemade kettle chips with homemade sour cream & onion dip! WOW…it was yummy! I did wake up this am wanting to workout but with 13% body fat (the average healthy woman is between 18-25%) I can afford to take some days off…for those of you that are into health & fitness, you know that our bodies need at least a week of a break per year….so I guess this will be my half week! Lol…Well now I am off to get ready for dinner with the lovely Rachel Aziani….Like I said, I’ll post all pics soon!

Sweet gift from the hotel…I ate the berries but don’t like champagne

I hope everyone has a GREAT week! I know being poolside for a couple days will be just the relaxation I need to be rejuvinated! xxoo

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