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EDC is over & here I come Scottsdale WOOOOT!

EDC, is the Electric Daisy Carnival…for those of you that don’t know.  Its an insane rave that happens at various large outdoor venues all over the US…they were hosting it in LA until there were reported deaths from drug over doses.  So this past weekend Vegas hosted EDC here…Vegas is accustomed to that sort of party, but they had a zero tolerance for drugs.  In 110+ degree heat with that many people (300k+) it makes for a dangerous combo.  I do have to say that it looks like fun…and I’m only saying that since there’s a vip area where you can get a table and sit down lol…but I am SO glad that its over! Vegas was infiltrated by all the ravers which brought a huge boost to the economy here.  So while the traffic and casinos were filled, so were all of the local establishments pockets…which is good for Vegas, so I am all for it.  Many of you know that I have managed models/dancers for the last 8-9 years, so this weekend was unexpectedly insanely busy for them & myself….hosting private parties etc.  So busy that I have not been able to do anything needed to do to prep for my upcoming mini-vacay next week.

Along with EDC, I had a photoshoot at the Cosmopolitan hotel…that was pretty sweet…tons of work as usual but since I always see Vegas and our hotel/casinos, I take for granted what a cool place I live in.  I shot until about 10pm and then grabbed dinner at one of my old fav spots, Monamigabe…a nice french steak house which sits across from the Bellagio water show.  I decided to give myself a much needed break from shooting so that I could rest my body, I was just getting sick too much and more and more stressed trying to balance shooting in between all the other work I have to do. 

Next week—-> Scottsdale! WOOOOHOOOO…why I picked the one place hotter than Vegas?! Lol, I don’t know BUT I know that the resort I normally stay at will be heaven.  Just planning on relaxing by the pool, catching up on my sleep and allowing myself to eat some tasty food.  I will see a few friends while I’m out there which is great also! Can’t wait…Leaving Monday….only 4 more days!!! Damn that means I have a LOT to do!!! All the bathrooms in my house are being reno’ed so its been doubly as difficult to get shit done…

I want to see all of you in my LIVE show tomorrow afternoon! Its going to be slippery, sudsy fun!!!! ALL MEMBERS SEE IT FREE! http://www.briannajordan.com

Here are some behind the scenes from last weeks shoot!  xo

I stream LIVE so you can be a part of my shoots

Getting hair & makeup done

The gorgeous view from the office lol

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#humpday This week is flying by!

I always have a jam packed schedule but this week I can’t seem to even keep track! Lol…I was unfortunately out last week with a horrible case of the stomach flu! I know my immune system was down from working so much and still working out a ton.  I rested and made sure that I was ok before I started my normal routine again…I am a very routine and regimented girl for those that don’t know.  I wish I could be more spontaneous sometimes….an impromptu vacation weekend trip may be in my near future! Lmao…we’ll see what happens.  Its just so hard with work and then making arrangements for the little puppy poops…I don’t trust anyone to watch him…he’s literally my only child and if anything were to happen while I were away…I think I might have a real heart attack!

Speaking of heart attacks, DAMN! I had no idea how heavy a tempur pedic mattress was! Over the years-since I was 17 honestly, I would say I have invested more money in quality mattresses than in my shoe collection (which is extensive & all Louboutin’s :oD) I have just never been able to find a mattress that allows me to sleep well for more than a few months…whether I spent $1000 or $8000 on one, they either lose shape, become dented with body impressions or just suck!!! So I finally had it and after much deliberation, decided to try a tempur pedic…  When the delivery people arrived, I of course guided them in and helped navigate a non-destructive route through my home to the master bedroom…and when one of the delivery guys tripped over my excited little puppy-lol, I went to grab the falling mattress….needless to say, I got smashed! Lmao, it was not as hilarious as it is now looking back on it…as much as I workout and as strong as I am, that thing brought me to the ground! It’s SOOOO heavy! I have slept on it twice now and the 1st night was awful…it felt like I was sleeping on cement…last night was a little better and they say give it 30 days for your body to get used to it….so I will.  We’ll see what happens in a couple of weeks…I just pray to be soundly sleeping before that!

Well peeps, story telling time is over, I have to run to the gym and get my fitness assessment…they will be testing my body fat %, endurance levels, heart rates, etc and the trainer is a hottie….so I’m not gonna be late ;o)

See you guys for the Thursday LIVE show! (FREE FOR MEMBERS!) ITs 5pm pst…enjoy this weeks updates!

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Finally did my BIG ASS (literally) 4 girl vegas shoot

As soon as I got back from Cali, I had to get ready for everyone coming in town to shoot with me.  I had just a few days to get everything ready for the shoots (2 days of intense work)…it was so fun hanging out with my cousins, nephews and siblings…but when I am home, gotta put my game face on & work work work it out! ;o) 

BUT the highlight of my year! though was my BESTIE! TAY STEVENS Duped me! This is how that story goes, lol!  I get a text from her saying she mailed me something and that I needed to check my mail, I checked and said I didn’t get anything…she said let me confirm the address with UPS and so I gave it to her again (she’s been to my crib before) a little time passed and as I was running errands, we were just nonsense text chatting about working out & stuff…everyone knows I’m obsessed with spin class…so she said her friend came to Vegas not too long ago and took a dope spin class near the strip and asked if that was the gym I went to.  I was like, No, I go to such and such gym on this street _____.  So the day keeps going by, I workout and as usual am running to my car, sweaty as hell and I hear a “Hey Bitch!” and as I spin around thinking, who the fuck was that and do I need to regulate on a bitch! I see my beautiful TAY!! I was sooooo shocked, and could not believe that she surprised me that I started crying!  What an amazing surprise!! I was totally duped, she showed up at my house right before the gym and I wasn’t home…just my little barking Baby, lol.  So she drove to my gym, found my car and waited! Haha, I was in spin class, so she waited a good hour at least and then pounced! SUCH A GREAT SURPRISE!!!! 

My insanely gorgeous bestie! Seriously B-E-Autiful even while she’s battling with cancer…fuck cancer-she’s kicking in the ass! LOVE U TAY

I got to have a late lunch with her that night and then all of a sudden, I got strep throat, sinusitus, and a fuckin ear infection! WTF! I barely had time to catch up with my girl and then wham! I had to rest a bit cuz one its no good to be around her when she’s fighting this bitch ass illness-and shes fighting the shit out of it! let me tell you! She looks great and is staying postive…I love her sooo much, she is THE strongest girl I know! and 2 I had a crazy 2 day shoot coming up to be well for.  So I ran to the Dr and was prescribed some antibiotics asap…just in time to start shooting I started feeling a teensy bit better, but still felt kinda crappy.  I had one last lunch with TAY and then I picked up Aria & Maggie from the airport and the next day met the lovely Kelly Divine! Shes hilarious for those of you that don’t know her. Since I live here and I am an ocd girl, lol, I of course take care of everything planning, setup and coordinating…

Maggie & I in the makeup chair

That means location, food, crew, payments, set breakdown, wardrobe, every damn thing…plus my casa is a hotel for the week! Lol…we ended up doing 18 sets and videos per day! I can’t even believe that we shot all that content!! Wooot wooot! It was a great 2 days of shooting and now I am starting to break down who is in charge of editing what…we shot so many HOT sets! I was dominated for the 1st time in my life (I’m usually the dom) by Kelly and it was awesome! We did a camo set where we used a fuck-saw! Scary at first but my oh my-it felt LOVELY! Lol…we did a HOT 4 girl pillow fight and actually fought with pillows, that was SOOOOO fun! You can see all the behind the scenes and live show archives that we shot during the shoot on Http://www.briannajordan.com

Right before our insane pillow fight!
I love shooting with Aria, she let’s me express my sensual side ;o)

Last set of the day! That made it set #36!! Wow! A lot of shooting!

My other bestie Ms Maggie Green aka boobs McGee!
At my favorite food spot! BRIO! We were deliriously starving!
After all the shooting was said and done, we had a graet strip view but it didn’t turn out in this photo…you can check out my headlights instead! Lol!

I can’t wait til you guys see more! Til this weeks live show! MEMBERS SEE ALL THE SHOWS FREE! http://www.briannajordan.com/

Next show:  Wed @ 5pm pst xxoo

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