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Done shooting for this week!

I arrived in LA monday evening and had a nummers dinner @ Cheesecake factory with my cousins that I am crashing with while here…then went to bed early to get ready for the Pin Up Glam shoot. 

Already being prepped by my besties Tay Stevens and Maggie Green on what to expect from Pin up, I was super excited and relaxed ready to rock out this shoot.  We drive out to a really pretty area in Malibu…the shoot local was a home in the hills with stables and gorgeous horsies! It was hard not to get distracted by all the animals…since I am an animal lover more than I am with people, lol!

A Pony & his donkey friend

Don’t Fall in!

Great relaxing atmosphere for dinner after the shoot

almost too pretty to eat!

We shot from am til sunset and got some really HOT pics! I took a ton of BTS pics for all of my sweet fans! Here are some of them to tide you over until I post them all. 

Now Im headed to another part of Cali, where most of my family is flying in to be with everyone for a family reunion of sorts.  There til Friday, then I am going to attempt to battle the memorial day weekend traffic and drive back to Vegas so I can prep for my shoot with Maggie, Aria and Kelly Divine.  I really can’t wait.  I know the days are going to be insanely long but we’re going to have some fun and get HOT content for all of you! xxoo

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Happy Tuesday boys & girls!

I am LOVING my new resort style gym, since I am in the gym so much as it is, its awesome to have this one equipped with a full service salon/spa/medspa/restaurant and amazing locker room, indoor/outdoor pool etc….The only thing I am not 100% sold on so far are the group classes….they seem a little easier then what I am used to, so I guess that means one thing…I’ll have to do my own thing and only do group stuff occasionally.  Not too big of a deal…the BEST thing about this place is that I have no weirdo stalkers…they can’t afford to join a gym at these prices….woot woot! Lol…yes people, unfortunately I have my fair share of stalker assholes. 

Keep it moving peeps, they are BOTH under age!

My sister had a great b-day, I took her to my favorite restaurant, which is hers also, Brio, so a few of her friends and our other sis and I grubbed it up!  I can’t believe how fast both of them are growing up…seems like yesterday that they were running around in diapers.  Pretty soon they’ll be all grown up :o( Its a part of life I guess…

I also stopped by the Sahara hotel, which is closing its doors and getting imploded! Thought I’d grab a chip and play a little…broke even and gave the dealer a nice fatty tip since she’s losing her job :o( sad….

This week is pretty full as usual.  Getting ready to head outta town and prepping for shoots is always hectic.  Nails, Hair, facial, costumes, scheduling, hotels, work & working out…ay yi yi! Lol…I am ready for a nice mini-vacay.  I am trying to plan a few days to myself in July…hoping I can work that in somewhere.  Its tough though being on a mission to stop and rest-but I certainly need it! I am feeling over-worked, over-trained and my body is crying for a break! I have to sleep more!

Wonder woman costume! Fun!

Oh, well….I hope you guys are diggin this weeks updates! Blue Crush is was so much fun to shoot, wait til the video comes out Friday!!! You’re gonna love it! I’ll be showering up soon on streamate.com so join in and get sudsy with me! Until then, xxoo

http://www.briannajordan.com ALL MEMBER JOINS THIS WEEK GETS YOU A FREE GIFT!!!! 

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Happy Birthday sis!

This week is one of my sister’s b-days! Of course I’m going to take her out to celebrate…she’s really turning into a beautiful young lady.  I was starting to worry a little with her choices in boyfriends, and school and other things that would really have a large impact of her future…but the truth is, she’s a strong, independent girl like her big sis! Aw, lol!  Don’t make me beat everyone down-she’s still under 18-RELAX with the pervy comments, the one thing I do not mess around with are my sister’s! 

I’ve had one whole week of not shooting which has given me a great opportunity to catch up on a lot of computer stuff, editing work and everything else.  I am feeling very accomplished with that aspect of everything that’s happening in my life. 

I am going to try to keep plugging away at this for the next few days until next weeks shoots…I am shooting here in Vegas, and then also have a shoot in Malibu, Ca.  They should both go smoothly.  My solo shoot here is not as long as the typical shoots I have that last 12-14 hours…this will only be 8-lol and the Malibu shoot is less stressful because the company that I am working for is well known for making sure the models are taken care of. 

After the Malibu shoot, I go straight to my mini-family reunion…I say mini because not everyone can attend but I am SO excited to see everyone that can! Woot woot! Lol…I think everyone is always stressed during family get together’s but all in all, we always end up having a blast!

Question? Who’s watching the NBA playoffs? I have to confess, I am more of a football girl myself but I DO love to play dress up, especially when its occasion specific! Check out my HOT new tribute to the Playoff All Stars!

What can I say?  I’m a team player! ;o)   If you want to see more and all of the other thousands of high quality pics, vids, live shows and more of me & my amazingly HOT girlfriends…join http://www.briannajordan.com/ now!

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I have a week off! woot woot!

Well just from shooting, I am going to have to use this week to catch up on editing, working, and everything else…throw in there 2 bdays and mothers day and we can have ourselves a party! Lol…I am just excited to have a teensy break from shooting.  I love it so much however its very physically exhausting. Most of you guys don’t know this, but when I shoot, I try & get as much content as possible in one day…this means getting up at 6am to shower, head to set by 7 or 8 makeup/hair til 10a and then shoot at least 12 sets…which leaves me shooting until 9 or 10pm and afterwards having to pack up everything and carry myself to get a quick bite and off to bed.  Holding awkward poses for long periods of time is very hard and painful, but because I am so fit most photogs like to take advantage of the fact that I can get into poses that a lot of models cannot.  I love the challenge, but sometimes the only thing that brings me back to life is a day of hibernation and a seriously intense deep tissue!

Here’s some of the many behind the scenes pics that were taken from our last shoot on Friday, Aria Giovanni and I had a blast!!! You have to join us at http://www.briannajordan.com/ to see all of the HOT content and all of the BTS. 

Beginning of the day is when we’re bright eyed and bushy-lmao

talented makeup artist Gaby <3

1st set is the warm up!

Baby isn’t always allowed at shoot locations, but this house is one of mine, yay!

muching on a carrot for some sustenance

Red, White and BOOBS! Cumming soon…

Gimme a T, “T!” Gimme an A, “A!” What do we have? “T & A!” lol

Golden goddesses posing it up

Always time for a little Foosball

Getting a little grumpy at hour 9!

Even Baby is worn the fuck out! Lol

Delirium sets in to replace grumpy and we end with a lotion filled fun last set!

It is all worthwhile in the end, so a little bit of discomfort mixed in with sexy, fun adventures between girlfriends that love shooting together is always going to produce amazingly erotic results! I hope you guys are diggin the new live shows? Just started camming on Streamate, so now instead of just once a week, you all are able to hang out with me almost every day! Showering, making dinner, playing…its all there…my briannajordan.com members see all the shows for free and have the archives in case you can’t see me live.  Ok boys & girls, back to work…Big Hugs and Wet Kisses!

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