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Shooting with Aria Giovanni tomorrow!

I have been coordinating shoots all week and am ready to shoot tomorrow with my girl Aria.  I am picking her up from the airport late tonight and then will be shooting ALL damn day tomorrow, lol.  All of my shoot days are intense and LONG! The flip side is we are able to create a lot of amazing content for you guys!
The last time we shot was with Jelena, and although we’ll miss her this time, we are going to have a blast together.  We are starting at about 730am and will most likely be finished by 9 or 10pm…I hope I survive since I woke up at 630a today…couldn’t sleep for some reason.  Sweepy still, but took my vitamins and off to the gym to work my ass out good!

I have been on a calorie restriction and insane workout routine as usual, so its been a little difficult, when I am hungry, it makes me grumpy-lol….some people may go so far as to say, a teensy bit bitchy! Lmao.  Spin class every damn day, sometimes twice a day, pilates, yoga, intense weight training and plyometrics.  Fun but hard core!

Hardcore like all the recent g/g shoots I’ve been doing, you guys need to join so that you can see me with all these hotties! Im definitely a great receiver but am giving it to ’em good! Http://www.briannajordan.com for all the latest content.

Check out next weeks sneak preview! This is from my dungeon shoot with Ken Marcus…seriously HOT and its called Forced Orgasm…you’ll find out why come next Friday! xxoo

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Time to play catch up again

I feel like it was yesterday that I was in LA at adultcon with Maggie…but it was last month in March.  I have just been working and shooting non-stop! I wish I had time to take a mini-break at least but that’s not gonna happen any time soon.  Its ok, I bring all of this on myself, so its up to me to suck it up and not complain, lol.

Let’s see what shoots have I been doing? Well Taylor Vixen, Maggie and I had a LONG 2 day shoot and were able to get some SMOKING Hot content

and then it was a blast shooting Vanilla DeVille, Maggie and I, Vanilla has me laughing so fucking hard the whole entire shoot….a super cool chick and I can’t wait to shoot with her again!

All happened so fast and then I had a few solo shoots in the mix as well.


 Next I shot with Kortney Kane and Kaime Kay and hung out with Nina Mercedez….

Next week I will be shooting with my girl Aria Giovanni again and then she’s coming back in May for a 4 girl shoot with Kelly Devine, Maggie and I.  That will be a lot of work but fun also.  I’m leaving mid-May for LA again and will be shooting with Lethal Hardcore & Pin up Glam…I can’t wait to work with Pin up Glam…I have heard so many great things about them and love their focus on ginormous boobies!

I am also getting ready for a family reunion in May which I cannot wait for! All the fam together in one spot…my little nephews running around, I can’t wait! I can only stay for 3 days but its better than none!

Im still working out like a maniac of course…don’t think I would be able to survive all this work without a little stress relief from the gym.  I am a much nicer girl after I workout, lol.

Im going to plan to visit my bestie Tay Stevens in Canada this summer if she can ever lock down a date, lol…I miss her so much and want to be there for her while she’s going through her battle with cancer.  It has to be so difficult for her.  LOVE YOU TAY & MISS YOU SO MUCH!

Ok guys, well I hope you’ve been enjoying my naughty showers and sneak peeks into the photoshoots…I will continue doing that through the rest of the summer and of course add in my regular live shows for you. Thanks as always to my loyal fans and to all the people that support me in all I do! I love you guys! Without you, I wouldn’t be here. xxoo

Remember if you join this week, I will send out a FREE autographed 8×10 to you…you can’t miss the pantyhose fetishes this week and next week my dungeon scene with forced orgasming! oooh…that was so fun! http://www.briannajordan.com JOIN NOW

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Where have I been?

Well I was in LA doing adultcon like I had been planning on, and this year was way better than last! I want to thank all of you guys for coming out and showing your support! We wouldn’t be here unless you liked to watch our porn! Woohoo! Lol, really though, it was super fun!

Maggie has now been here with me on the west coast for almost 2 weeks now and while she’s home sick, its awesome having her here! We’ve been shooting A LOT! We shot in LA with the dungeon fetish photographer, Ken Marcus.  I was obviously the dom and Maggie was my little bitch, I forced her to orgasm, it was great.  Then we came back to Vegas and shot with Taylor Vixen’s cute butt last week for 2 days.  That was exhausting but we did some really fun themes! Gangster girls with cigars, and my favorite was our football themed set. That was SO fun!

I am fitting in my workouts like usual and trying to manage everything else I am responsible for…its difficult but I’m not gonna complain since I put myself here! Lol

This week, tomorrow actually we are shooting with Vanilla Deville and I know we’re going to get a ton of HOT content there! Next week I’ll be shooting solo and later this month I’m shooting with Kourtney Kane & Aria Giovanni.  I am shooting a TON for the rest of this year, so you guys are sooo in for lots of treats! I have started broadcasting from my shoots so you guys get an insider’s peek! Not to mention watching all of us girls getting ready, running around naked! Lots of fun! I am still posting archives so that if you cannot join in on the day of, you can watch them whenever you’d like to. 

I have to hurry & get in the shower, I am picking up Vanilla from the airport soon! and then awaiting everyone else for tomorrow’s shoot, have to pack and cook, so I’ll talk to you guys soon!

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