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Back from LA & Going back again!

Its been a crazy ass few weeks and will only get crazier! I have never done this many photo shoots in a row in my life! It really does not help that this is not the only job I have either! I am wearing myself a little thin but we’re all only young once and now is the time!  Right? Lol…

So what have I been up to?  Well last week was kind of a blur but I will recap….
2 weeks ago Saturday, I took a crazy TRX class that I had never tried before…its basically suspending yourself from a rope-like cord and using your body weight against itself with the addition of plyometrics.  Since I have been working out non-stop (which I don’t advise and know better than to do!) without any rest/recovery time, I pulled a quad (thigh) & pulled my bicep also.  I still have this broken toe to deal with and thought that it would be hard to do photo-shoots with all the super sexy but already painful heels, so add in the leg and arm stuff and I was wiggin out! However, being the professional that I am-I went through all four shoots without anyone knowing of my injuries.  The only downside to that is that I am making it harder on my body to recover.  The quad is better, so is my arm…toe-not so much, lol, but I will live.  Moral of this story? 

DO NOT OVER TRAIN, it does more harm than good!

Tues, I shot with Aziani Exposed which was probably the MOST fun I have ever had shooting.  Buzz, Rachael & I gallivanted around Vegas while I sneakily flashed the camera a million times, I even snuck into a Bebe dressing room and masturbated! Omg…so fun!

aziani shoots great pics-this is from this weeks gallery!

Later that day, Baby drove….ok, ok-I drove to LA so that I could make the early Wed Shoot.

Too cute!

I ended up staying in a non-dog friendly hotel & sneaking my little rugrat in! He’s such a good boy that when I swaddled him in his blanket, he didn’t move a muscle-he looked like an infant, so hilarious!

Wed. was my Hustler Shoot where we shot stills & a parody about Hollywood socialites fucking each other-lmao! So fun! I met a really sweet girl, Scarlet Faye who played my seductress, Lindsey Lohan & I was the naughty but naive Kim Kardashian.  Very fun!  Its called Hollywood XXX Squares, and it will have our scene plus a ton of others, including hardcore b/g…no I will not be in those scenes but its still going to be a great flick!

Me as Kim, Scarlet to my right as Lindsey & Lady Gaga to my Left-lol

I was so exhausted after two days of shooting & driving, and had to prep for my 1st S&M shoot in a dungeon the next day…so Baby and I crashed out…


Thursday, I was tied up and forced to masturbate…alright well they didn’t have to force me that hard, lol! But let me tell you the clothes were SO uncomfortable…talk about something stiff?! And no, not that…I’m not gonna lie, it was my least favorite shoot that I have ever done, but Im sure that you will all love it to death, since I always give everything my all!

On my way to the bar

After the shoot, I had to do a paid personal appearance at a local bar (although Im not a drinker & had no drinks that night-lol, pretty scenery I guess?) So by the end of this night I was SOOO Beat…but one more day in LA for Lowrider.
Friday! Woohoo! I was staying with my cousins in Pasadena, but as luck would have it they were in Vegas while I was in LA…bummer, no chance to hang out anyway I guess.  So I woke so early Friday trying to get all their sheets/towels that I used washed and out the door to the Lowrider studio which is new since the last time I shot with them.  Pretty & new, they always make me feel so comfortable (Its only cuz they know I will bring the goods! Lol) and I shot for their new Motorcycle magazine they have coming out soon! Can’t wait to see it, we got SO many HOTTTTT shots that I’m dying for it to come out. 

A Badass Bitch on a Badass Bike!

After that I drove my happy ass home, well almost, not before my lovely reliable Bimmer blew a hose on the intake value along with a coolant leak.  I had to pull over asap and ended up pouring over 5 gallons of water in it praying that the block didn’t crack! Good news it didn’t, Bad news? Warranty company is fighting me about covering it, so its going to cost me about $1400+ to fix those things and the front suspension…AND my PDC monitors… WOW! Love my car, but I have been looking online for a new vehicle needless to say, my taste is not easily satisfied with normal cars.

To top all of that off, I get home, pick my truck up from the shop-which has been there for 4 weeks (due to parts being ordered incorrectly), I pick up my little Sister, take her home to make dinner and then when I am about to take her out to teach her to drive…I notice tons of oil spilling on the ground from my truck! Grrrr, Sunday the shop was closed (THANK GOD I have great fam that lent me their car so I wasn’t stranded) so 1st thing mon, I had it towed back to the shop and made them fix it for me then & there-fuckers! It was just a simple little part that was over looked and not put back on…UGH!

So the rest of my week is spent working, getting ready for adultcon & prepping for the content shoots I have coming up. 

I would LOVE to see you guys all at adultcon, LA convention center March 25-27!  I will be signing in my booth next to my bestie Maggie Green! Cum out to see us, I have tons of merchandise for you!

K, off to snack on my apple & PB before more work! Join my LIVE show today at 5pm pst ONLY at http://www.briannajordan.com/


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I’ve officially hit overwhelmed!

I’m not even sure of my schedule anymore, it changes everyday and is continually added to.  If I’m not doing personal appearances, I am doing a long photoshoot and if I’m not doing that I am working online editing, working out, running my real estate business, or being pulled in a million directions by family & friends. 

This week, I’ve had to run around like crazy, trying to prep for next week.  I am shooting with Aziani in Vegas tues…which should be fun, its Aziani exposed, so I’ll be flashing in public places-not my thing but I’ll try anything once at least! ;o)  Then right after the shoot tues, I will have to drive to LA for my Hustler shoot on Wed-9am call time….that will most likely be an all day/night shoot-hopefully get some sleep wed night and shoot again on thursday…I will be shooting with a fetish photog on thursday, some cool dungeon and bondage stuff-that will be different and interesting I think.  Then thurs nite I have to drive back to Vegas after shooting all day and be ready for a personal appearance on Fri & Sat-mixed in with dinner with the fam. 

Whew, what a long week ahead…its really going to be a long few months at least.  Next week will kick off my shooting at least once a week + all the other work I do, until Dec/Jan.  I hope I survive all of this, lol! I need to get this all done but don’t want to get sick in the process.  Be sure to send positive thoughts/energy my way…I will need it!

Ouch! Forgot about having to shoot with a broken toe! Lmao, some rude ass girl at Walmart was running through the aisles with her cart and without looking rammed it over my foot (which had only flipflops on after a pedicure)…at the time it happened, I thought it was just a severe jam, but later that night it swelled up and started bruising, I went to see a nurse friend of mine who confirmed it was broken.  Still managing to work out with it but damn-it hurts! No pain no gain? Not in this case, lol! 

This set will go live next week! Any ideas on a HOT name for it?

I will be streaming FINALLY from streammate in tonights live show! Woohoo! No more cam issues, I pray! I’ll be LIVE at http://www.briannajordan.com @ 7pm pst tonight! Don’t miss out! xxoo

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