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I have been up to my head in planning a million photoshoots!  I’l be shooting with Maggie again, Taylor Vixen, Jelena and Aria again and some other hottie patotties!  The main thing is securing locations for each shoot.  Its difficult to find the best ones and then coordinate availability with everyone else’s schedule.  I’m tyring to stay calm but if you know me well…you know that not only to I stress out easily but I am an OCD organized worry wart! Lmao! A hot one, but nonetheless…I have been trying to find things to incorporate into my routine that will put me at ease a bit more.  Counting my calories & working out 3 hours at least a day doesn’t help, so I have tried to eat a dessert or two without completely beating myself up about it.  What people don’t understand is that being a model puts pressure on you to look your best at all times, and for me, a dessert here and there is stressful.  Not that I think I am fat, on the contrary, I know I am in great shape, its just the scrutiny of an HD camera that makes you think a dessert will totally throw your plan off kilter.  So letting up a bit on my strictness has helped. I found that a glass of wine here and there isn’t too bad either, lol! I don’t drink once a week or anything, maybe once every couple of weeks and one glass is perfect for me since I am such a light weight! Its funny, even on a full stomach, half a glass will give me a little buzz and most if not all of my friends can throw back 3-4 drinks until they feel it! 

I am still on the path of perspective, which is another reason that I feel like I need to let go a little and ease up on myself and my employees’.  You can drive yourself crazy all the time or stop to smell the roses and enjoy life while you’re here.  Its a cliche and played out saying, but its true-life is so short and we never know when it will be over for us.  So watch how you speak to your loved ones, appreciate them…even if it you notice the little things that annoy you about your significant other, if you didn’t have them around-you’d miss those things.  Don’t beat yourself up over small stuff, but just always make the conscious decision to be a better person to everyone-strangers included.  It would be such a better place to live in if we were all nicer to each other. 

Now on to the dirty stuff! Lol, I finally switched my member’s LIVE shows to a different broadcasting site, so we will hopefully not run into any more issues! Ugh, camworld was so irritating! So all my members can view me on www.briannajordan.com and everyone else can see the tamer stuff on streammate.com where you can schedule live one-on-one shows and where I will be broadcasting my photoshoots from! Exciting! Next weeks gallery/video is HOT wet and red! Direct from my shower to your computer screen, lol! Enjoy! xxoo
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Valentine’s Week
So the week leading up to this week I was so sick, went to the Dr, knew I had some type of flu and horrible ear ache…but that stupid Dr said I was fine and just needed rest…so I went about my life, working, working out and of course NOT getting any better! So I go to another Dr who tells me that I have a severe sinus and ear infection! Gives me antibiotics asap and I finally am starting to feel better! Damn, what does it take to get some decent health care in Vegas?! Lol…I will have to chalk it up as bad luck and count my blessings that it’s not worse.
Trying to fake the funk like I feel better! or am I hopped up on sudafed?! Lol
With all of that going on, and my Aunt being in town to reno the grandparents condo for rent, I forgot Sheri’s Bday! What a horrible person I am! No excuses, sick or not, I went to the Mexican joint they were having dinner for her at…surprisingly I could taste the food, and enjoyed some yummy fideo soup…had to jet early since I started feeling shitty towards the end but still glad I went to show Sheri that I care!
Then it was Valentine’s Day and I had to tell my date that I had to bail on our plans…so sad! We were supposed to go up to the Mountains with Baby and go snowboarding, hiking and rent a cabin for the night…but being that I was barely able to move the day before sick in bed and just going to dinner made me feel horrible, I just didn’t think I had enough energy to snowboard, hike or do any other physical activities. Sooo, he was really sweet and just devoted the day to spending it with me and being low-key.  Don’t worry boys, I’m still as single as they get…
First we went to Red Rock Casino with plans of seeing the new Adam Sandler movie I wanted to see, but stopped at Yard House for a quick bite…

Anyone hungry?

  I have eaten hummus before when a friend made it and never had any issues but when I was in AZ and ate it at a restaurant, I had a horrible reaction and then Monday when I ate it again, I just wanted to see if it was hummus or if I was just trippin the last time I tried it…

 Turns out, it was the hummus and I had a reaction for about an hour, tongue was numb, throat swelled up and I felt like I was going to puke! Not fun…my date felt awful-even though, I’m the dumbass that decided to tempt fate! Lol…it eventually went away but didn’t feel like seeing a movie after that.

We went to cold stone instead…this was a day were he made me PROMISE not to count my calories (I’ve been getting a bit crazy about not eating anything at all that is not healthy for the last 4-5 months or so…) the sinless sweet cream ice-cream did make me feel better so we decided to be Vegas tourists and check out the new casinos on the strip.

Bellagio decorates their flower garden with each season, right now its Chinese New Year…Year of the rabbit

LOVE sparkly things and this is a crowd stopper

We toured city center and all the new Crystal shops, I found some things I HAVE to have…so maybe a loving and devoted fan will check out my wishlist and help a girl out ;o) When I 1st met my friend that was with me, 9 years ago…I fell ass first down these stairs at the Hard Rock casino…ever since then (when I showed him the HUGE bruise from my thigh to my ass) we were destined to stay friends…and he has.  Most of you may notice him as my bodyguard when I travel or do events but he is also my assistant and guy bestie.
Today I am almost back to normal I would say, I am going to attempt to do a lighter workout than I would normally do just to see how my breathing is (if you don’t already know, I have severe asthma which is only an issue if I am sick or around a lot of allergens) and if I’m good, I will slowly add back up to my insane workout regimen! With the 8 photoshoots I have in March/April and adultcon and everything else…I’m gonna need them!  I will be LIVE tonight at 6pm pst so don’t miss me! www.briannajordan.com xxoo
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Whats happening this week?

I get on these crazy work and workout binges where I work and/or workout just that much longer than usual which is already a lot! When we stress our bodies and minds out like that, they have ways of saying, “What the hell are you doing to me?! Slow down!” So needless to say, Lol, I’ve been sick for most of this week.  I was able to get a ton of editing done, which was great but would have been able to do more had I not had a million things to do while sick! (I know, I know…) If I could totally relax, I would, but my life is too complicated right now.

I had my Aunt come to Vegas to settle my Grandparents estate and do a mini-remodel on their home, she thought she would just stay at their place…and with all the painting and ripping up floors…there was no way I was going to let her do that, so I’ve been cooking her dinner every night.  That woman does not eat! I have to make a plate and almost force her, lol!

I had tenants come into one of the rentals, so sick or not, I had to let them in, show them around and make sure they knew how to work everything.  (For those of you that don’t know that I am not simply a model but own several businesses as well, property management for my luxury vacation homes is one of them)

I did end up going to the Dr only to have her tell me that I had a virus and not an infection, so antibiotics were out of the question-since they would make no difference.  Even more frustrating then that, while I was there, my beloved sun glasses that I’ve had for years got lifted from right next to me! I sat them down on the chair next to me while filling out paperwork, they called my name, I went back to get weighed in and remembered the glasses…ran out to the waiting room and they were gone!!! Can you believe that?! Karma is a mother-fucker people.  So whom ever decided that they had to have Brianna’s sunglasses will get what’s coming to them and hopefully I will be able to find a pair that I love as much :o(

I was feeling crappy all week, but yesterday decided that enough was enough, I needed to let the tenants in anyway and got a few errands done.  When I drive around my big V12, almost everyone tries to race me so I thought nothing of it when a couple of early 20 somethings revved up their old Lincoln engine next to me.  When they were erratically driving through 3 lanes of full traffic and up on the curb almost hitting a homeless guy, is when I slowed down to maintain a safe distance!  But when I saw them side-swipe another car, and flee the scene, is when I had to put the V12 to use and follow their faggot asses!  These assholes went from the strip area to summerlin driving so dangerously and since the cops were trying to find us as we kept moving, I had to follow them.  We ended up at an apartment complex right next to the gym I go to, so I follow them in the gate, watch them park and have to roll by and do a U-turn as they get out of the car.  As I am describing them to the 911 dispatcher, the passenger and approaches my window blatantly drunk off of his ass and the driver even worse off gets in front of my vehicle (It took every restraining bone in my body not to get out and whoop these fucker’s asses!) They asked if I was lost and why I was following them…so I ignored and waited for the poe-poe… They disappeared into an apartment.  As soon as the cops arrived, I led them to the assailants car and as we drove up, they were walking back out! How convenient! Lol…I pointed them out, they tried to lie and say that the passenger was the driver since he was a little less intoxicated than the true driver, so it was great that I stayed to ID those fucks!  The police not only found them to both be drunk but found weed on them as well…these apartments were not their residence and discovered that the weed dealer lived there! LMAO…so not only did they NOT get away with their hit and run, almost running over a homeless guy and being all around fuck faces, but they got their weed dealer buster by driving like that! Now they’re really going to become faggots while behind bars.  The police were very thankful for my good deed and after writing up my statements and seeing them handcuffed in the patrol cars, I went on my merry way.  Even though I was coughing and sick still, this made me feel so much better! Lol, people you can drink and smoke weed if you choose to, just DON’T DRIVE afterwards!

(my new phone has a horrible camera!)

That really was a wake up call for me and my driving and texting…it really is so dangerous and with all the car accidents I have been in while living in Vegas, I need to be as careful as possible! 

Back to reality!  No more junior sleuth days for me! Lol, I am going to introduce “Milk Me” with Maggie Green and I (shown above) next week!! Can’t wait…that was a lot of fun to shoot and I’m sure you’ll get as creamy as we did! <3


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