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Happy Thursday Everyone!

So a LOT has been going on since last week…when I last wrote I was in AZ.  I was planning on taking some much needed rest for at least 2 days before returning back to Vegas…but as crazy of a schedule as I maintain-that never happened.  It was all work work work and then back home early for more work work work.  I did get to do 1 dinner with my friends that live there before I left but then work work work.  I headed home for another photoshoot that subsequently was cancelled when I arrived.  I was compensated still but I was hoping to get some more hot content. Oh well, I got a ton of hot stuff in AZ when I was there.  I haven’t shot with Aziani for a while and it was great to shoot with Buzz again, I met a sweet model named Cristy out there and she’ll be coming out to Vegas to shoot with me when we figure out workable dates for us both!

I’m not sure how many of you also follow my facebook/twitter etc, but those of you that know about my friend Natalie.  On Jan 11th she was involved in a horrible car accident, she fell asleep at the wheel around 2am and crashed into a pickup truck that then crashed into an SUV where the woman was not wearing a seat belt and passed away.  Natalie was seen being pulled from her car unconscious and no one knew where she was until yesterday.  So she was missing for over a week and a half.  All of her close friends and family were extremely worried and of course very sad about the woman that passed…however the news spun the story in a 100 different ways, claiming that Natalie was drunk, that she was a “coke whore” ect. None of which was true.  People are so quick to jump on the judgemental bandwagon-I am sometimes guilty of that myself…this situation allowed me to put that into check and gain some perspective.  She went to the police yesterday and explained where she had been and what she remembered from the accident.  She was very sleepy-and when the crash occurred she passed out, then woke up in someones car.  They took her to their home and then she called her husband that she’s been separated from who picked her up, informed her that people were looking for her and being injured and scared she didn’t turn herself in right away.  May be bad judgement on her part but that is not for us to decide.  I am just so relieved that she is safe and alive!

So today I am doing what matters most to me, spending time with my family and making sure they know I love them….it sounds cheesy but make sure your loved ones know how much they are loved. 

Enjoy this weeks postings! The next few weeks will of course hot too! Sneak peek of Valentine’s day! www.briannajordan.com

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Finally in Arizona!

I arrived on Sunday afternoon with plenty of time to settle into my hotel only to find that it was NOTHING like the pics on hotels.com, which is usually a pretty reliable source for online booking.  I was in tears since every other hotel in the area was completely sold out due to the car auctions and if they weren’t sold out the only rooms they had were $600+ per night!  Sheesh, so I was upgraded in the original hotel to livable circumstances.  Maybe I’m a little spoiled but I am not resting my head where I feel completely grossed out! They upgraded me only to tell me that this room was only available until wed when I had to go back into the gross room…so I am not feverishly searching for another hotel!  

I had no time to look yesterday, as my photoshoot started early and ended late.  The shoot went sooooo well though!  Buzz Aziani is a great photog and we created a ton of superbly hot content that you will all be very impressed with!  Afterward, we met his gorgeous wife, Rachael and myself the other girl Kristy that was also shooting yesterday went to grab a snack and a couple of drinks before heading back to the hotel.  They are so much fun! We are going to go to the auction together on Thursday and then grab dinner at my NEW favorite place….Culinary Dropout! SOOOO Good! For all of you Arizonian’s-its located near the Fashion Mall in central Scottsdale. Its very yummy! Can’t wait. I may even have to go twice while I am here.  Well guys…check out the hot new gallery I posted, Midnight! You’ll love it! and stay tuned for the live show time this week-unsure of the exact time.

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Getting ready for a trip!

I am finished with all my photoshoots from AEE (adult entertainment expo) while the AVN’s where here and I am tired! No time to rest though, I have to get ready for next weeks Scottsdale trip.  I honestly can’t wait to get out of Vegas for a while! I have another shoot scheduled with Aziani.com and am so excited for it!  Buzz is a great photographer and easy to work with…and his wife Rachael is so sweet! I’ll be there just in time to check out the hot car auctions, Barret Jackson and Russo and Steel will be there! Yay! Haven’t been able to go to those for a few years-well like 5!  Plus I’ll be able to hang out with my good friends!  I am working on booking another shoot while there but will be shooting content all week… So this week is all about prepping-getting all the outfits lined up/planning a few themed #s for you guys, working out, tanning, nails, massage, facial, packing, etc.  I’m making time to make a yummy dinner for my bestie Tay Stevens…she’s not feeling well with everything she has going on :o( but I hope to be able to cheer her up a bit with a hot home cooked meal and some good old fashioned Brianna hospitality!

My car is so weird, its literally 130k car (new-its not new anymore lol!) and its always malfunctioning! I’m cursed! The drive train and key cast need to be replaced…and I was planning to take my truck to AZ so I could get the car completely taken care of-but that’s not gonna happen because as I was driving to the gym yesterday-another fuckin injector blew!  I mean it can still drive but doing so puts too much pressure on the other injectors causing them to blow also…anyone that knows trucks knows that injectors are not cheap!  Sheesh, always one thing after another…soooooo, I am going to pray the parts come in for the bimmer asap and I have no other issues that arise car-wise!   Lol, in the grand scheme of things-shit happens and it could always be worse.  Hey I could be taking the bus-LOL! Yea right, can you imagine me sitting at the bus stop getting harassed about my big boobs?! Like I am at the gym! hahaha!

I just posted a hot, funny and a little strange Behind the scenes gallery of my 3 girl shoot with Angela, myself and Maggie Green.  We were in this weird studio in LA (that’s the strange part) so you’ll see a lot of crazy ass props and just plain weird shit everywhere-the studio owner had decapitated mannequins bound hanging from the ceiling, and a crazy my little pony collection….she also had a cute little cat!  Weird shit in LA man!  Which even more supports my opinion on that city.   Weird, too crowded, horrible streets, unbearable traffic and not so nice people-not my fav place! BUT I am going to be making an appearance at LA adultcon in March….so those of you that want a mini-vacation with ME included, look into booking a trip there!

Scary huh?! Lmao

K, here’s a BTS from that weird shoot! Lol….I’ll be live tonight guys @ 6pm pst! Not my normal time, so don’t be late! http://www.briannajordan.com/

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AVN’s Photoshoots Working out and everything in between!

I let myself have a tiny bit of downtime in December…especially since I was injured and it made more sense to celebrate the holidays with friends and family vs the non-stop working til I drop schedule I usually keep.  It was great to be a little bit more laid back, but now its time to get serious again, lol!  I was looking over my horrendous schedule yesterday and wanted to smack myself! HAHA! I feel like its almost time to get a personal assistant.  I know that sounds a bit “la ti da” lol, but I am going to wear myself thin and get little bits of Brianna instead of the full-blown version-and we can’t have that now can we?! Plus I am going to need to make more time to do what’s important in life, give back and spending quality time with the ones you love. 

This week I have my usual 2-3 hour workouts every day, 2 photo shoots, appearances at AVN and the convention, my properties are all booked this week-and one is in need of a repair, dinner’s with clients, family, prepping for the rest of the months photo shoots, planning out the years traveling and anything else that may come up…oh! I forgot, I have to continue editing vids and pics like crazy for my sweet and devoted fans! Muah! I don’t mind giving the people what they want-lol! ;o) That fuck machine set and video last week was awesome, huh?  I loved doing it and will be posting the fuck machine with Maggie Green and I in a couple of months…so much fun!  At least while doing that part of my job, I am able to relax and orgasm!  Job perk if I have ever heard of one! Lol…this week you are seeing me with Angela Aspen, she is certainly a take charge kinda girl, but then again, so am I-with men at least ;o) She definitely releases her inner naughty in Friday’s video-so stay tuned! I will be live tomorrow @ 5pm pst and might make a cameo for camworld…not sure yet! Either way, sit back, relax and enjoy….remember carpe Diem…or carpe your cock! LMAO! How do you say that in Latin?  Heehee, naughty girl!  Enjoy your week everyone and I’ll see you tomorrow! xxoo

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