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Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends…I definitely did!  Quiet but nice…I have had such a weird last few weeks with my grandma passing and a friend being diagnosed with Lymphoma, that it has really made me appreciate the people around me that are there for me-time with our family and friends are what we should value and cherish.  Its really too often that we all get caught up in the material world around us…I am guilty of it as well.  So this New Year I am going to vow to spend more time with loved ones and to be a lot more charitable…there are so many people suffering and going without that it seems stupid to buy a pair of $1500 shoes…Yes I will probably still have an expensive shoe addiction but I am going to do more for people around me…

if you’re following my facebook and twitter you know that I made someone breakfast in bed for Christmas, lol…dressed up as a sexy santa’s helper.  So instead of working out, I let him work me out to burn off some calories-lol.  The new guy has been a friend of mine for a while, actually is one of the members of my security team I use while doing shows, traveling or doing in person appearances.  Lucky guy him! Lol…so he knows me well and we’ve fooled around before, I just never had time for a relationship…plus I like to play the field and keep my options open! ;o)  Such a naughty little girl I am!  Speaking of naughty…how’d you all like watching me get fucked?! My first fuck machine gallery went online yesterday and this friday I’ll post the AMAZING video footage…trust me, you’ll really wanna see this! 

And since last weeks LIVE show was cancelled due to my little monthly monster! Ugh, lol…I am getting all decked out in Xmas attire for you all tomorrow…I’ll be live on camworld.com @ 5p for a free teaser show but then going HARDCORE on your asses at http://www.briannajordan.com/ @ 6p!  Don’t be late…

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Its almost Christmas!

I seriously cannot believe how quickly this month has blown by! I mean this Friday is actually Christmas day and then next week it will be 2011!  Another year older and wiser, lol! In all actuality I cannot wait to see what the new year brings! It may have some VERY exciting things for you guys too! Remember, I said if and when I was in a serious committed relationship I would start doing some Boy/Girl for MY SITE ONLY! Well, you never know, that may happen! Those of you that follow my tweets and facebook know that I have been dating someone…and he is someone that I have known for a while…but don’t worry, I will still give Maggie and the other girls big fat orgasms! Lol…AND of course you as well!

I have a big dinner tonight in leu of Christmas day dinner but I’m sure I’ll change my mind and cook that day too!  I am certainly an over-achiever…if you hadn’t noticed.  Everyone’s asking what I want for Christmas??? Hmm, well I would have to say a nice stiff… HAHAHA! Keep your minds clean people, teehee! I really want to enjoy my family more this year though and be able to travel like I used to.  I am really going to work on making that happen.  With my business sold and then the deal falling through, it was tough to get out of town with all the additional work I am subjected to.  I’ll live though, still young.

Did you guys like the Merry ChristmASS gallery that Maggie and I did?  If you liked that…stay tuned for the HOT XXX-rated Video on Friday!!! Ok boys, off to the gym! I really should be taking it easier since my damn knee still kills me and all night my back was pinched but I was cuddling with my Baby poodle so, it was worth it! Lol….Remember Live show tomorrow on my site @ 6p BUT FREE Preview show on Camworld.com @ 5p! This is Pacific standard time! See you there! Happy Holidays!

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Merry XXXMASS! Lol

Tis the season and we’re all getting ready for it right?! Well most of us are.  I boycotted buying anyone that is not in need presents this year (ok, exceptions for a couple of people who are deserving ;o) My spoiled little sis is NOT getting anything this year, time to grow up and learn that hard work is the only way to accomplish your goals.  I’m afraid I spoiled her a bit too much and we’re not on the best terms as of now…Hopefully she grows up and knows that I was always there for her and can see through her more mature eyes sooner rather than later.  Anyway, talking about people getting ready for the holiday! I went to target the other day and almost got run over twice in the parking lot and then once again by shoppers inside the store lol! Don’t get in between these ladies and their shopping! So this week is going to be spent catching up a bit after my little cold disaster!  I have a TON of computer work to do and I mean a TON….sun night was a long and drawn out computer issue after another…I hopefully fixed it now and JUST IN TIME for today’s gallery update!!! Red HOT…shot right inside my home to be viewed in yours ;o) Enjoy and don’t miss tomorrow’s live show @ 4p pst! xxoo


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Trying to get better fast!

So to catch you guys up a little in the last week or so, I have been running around like crazy-what’s new but I am under the weather. My b-day was so much fun, I went snowboarding but wiped out pretty badly and hurt my knee and my forearm…just after I was attempting to get a little better-I get a wicked cold!

I am still going to attempt to get shit done but going to take a day or two off from the gym…hopefully I get better by the weekend, I have an xmas party to go to! I am also helping my grampa move to Cali with my Aunt and Unc…after Grandma passed he can’t be alone…needs someone to look after him. 

I AM going to do my LIVE show tonight in a few hours (6pmn pst) soooo don’t miss out! http://www.briannajordan.com/

See you guys soon!


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