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Its time to move on…

To a place where there is no longer pain.  My grandmother passed on thanksgiving day at 12:41pm.  We are all very sad and of course mourn her loss, but can’t help but be relieved that she is not in pain any more.  We are going to start packing up her and Grandpa’s things and move him to California to live with his daughter-my Aunt. 

We tried to continue with Thanksgiving and I still cooked a big feast, it didn’t taste as good as usual though, maybe becuase I was in shock…I’ve never known anyone that has passed before.  Everyone was very helpful and we enjoyed a weekend together, friends in town and family. I even did a little black friday shopping, I wasn’t going to-in fact I had already decided against it prior to thanksgiving, but shopping is like my therapy as cliche as that sounds.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not…this time it did distract me, I was able to get closer to a friend that lives in AZ. 

She, her hubby and baby were staying with me…and that was certainly different-but not in a bad way.  I have never had a baby in my house overnight! Lol… Lucky for me, she’s a good baby that barely cries and is too cute anyway to care when she does. 

So now, I am just getting back into the swing of things, I didn’t really get out of the swing, lol! Just took a small break from computer work to cooking and cleaning! Lol…little ms domesticated.  What to expect this week?! WELL…I am turning a year older on Wed! Happy B-day to me! but I am posting an UBER hot video that corresponds with the new Bowtie Gallery.  HOT HOT HOT!

See you guys in the live show thursday! xxoo

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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

On a sad note, my grandma is not doing well.  She has smoked her whole life and has had poor life quality for a few years now.  She went from being a very active, in control woman, to not being able to walk to and from her bedroom into the kitchen.  She has COPD along with an extensive list of other ailments caused from smoking.  She went into hospice yesterday after not eating for days and is not aware of her surroundings.  She comes in and out of conciousness due to the morphine they have given her.  Its an extremely hard thing to watch.  I have not had to deal with dealth in my life yet, and I know that it happens to everyone, so I can accept it.  We said our goodbye’s and she woke up for a moment to say she loved us…the Dr’s say she only has hours to a day or so left.  Although it is terrible to experience, I know she will not be in pain any longer and in a better place.

Let’s change the subject and go on to happier stuff….I hope you are all ready to relax, eat and watch football tomorrow! I know I am, well the eat part lol! Trying to get everyone in the spirit… I will be way to busy hostessing and cooking to relax or watch any TV…okay, maybe the highlights-after all you can pause and rewind TV now. I am also getting up exceptionally early to squeeze my workout in, so that I can be guilt free…the majority of the food I’m cooking will be healthy BUT I am also making my famous brownies (healthy versions are still a mini-indulgence), apple pie and mac & Cheese…of course all homemade. I am a slave in the kitchen sooooo people better eat, drink and be merry! I already decorated for Christmas as well…yes, yes, I am an OCD, too clean, too organized BUT HOT woman! Lmao!

watch for the candids of Taylor Stevens and I next week! She’s been such a blast to hang out with, coming back to Vegas to stay with me in Jan..can’t wait! xxoo


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Video editing

While I am busy editing my bigger, better vids for you guys and actually getting ahead of myself…which is so hard to do! I run into a technical issue! Ugh, something with my windows media player, THANK GOD they work on my laptop but the desktop is way better and faster so that it doesn’t take 23 hours to render something…Not sure who to speak with, HP, windows or sony?! Super frustrating but it could be worse right?! Lol…I really wish I could figure it out myself…although I am very tech savy, simply looking up a fix online could lead to viruses from fake websites. 

Moving on to happier stuff, Maggie and I finished our LONG week of shooting and flashing our boobies at adultcon Vegas.  We worked our asses off but had a TON of fun! Here’s a candid pic from when we went out to Flemings Wine Bar & Steak house…she was so sweet to treat me to a yummy dinner…after all nothing’s sweeter than dining on, I mean uh, with-lmao Miss Maggie Green! haha…  To let you in on some hot new stuff we shot that will be CUMMING your way soon…we did a baby oil scene where we used an entire bottle of baby oil on each other…and although it got really slimy-we did have a blast! We did a milk scene also-this past week was all about trying new things; including an actual fuck machine and a strap on-worn by yours truely! Hopefully you guys will love all the new things we are doing.  I know we did!

After shooting 3 times in a week plus adultcon, plus work and errands, I am so drained…I am waiting for my massage therapist to come by-she should be here VERY soon! YEA! I need it, then….I have to start getting all the stuff ready for my thanksgiving guests-they have no idea that they are about to taste THE BEST food they’ve ever enjoyed! I love to cook and love for people to enjoy the fruits of my labor, so the more the merrier…I keep inviting people-I better stop before we are over-crowded!  

Time to get back to my computer issues and then a massage! Talk to you all soon! xxoo

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Maid Service?!

I have a hundred million things to get done before Wednesday! Halloween was interesting…as you know, I had to let go of my maids who were not only lying to me but as I found out Sunday, were doing a horrible job!!! I’ve had these women for over 3 years now and never had any problems until now…WTF! People get lazy when you get to know them I guess. SOOO before I could interview for new maids (its harder than you think), I had renters leaving and new ones coming in on the same day…and on Halloween Sunday of all days. I spent 6 and a half hours cleaning my ass off! My back hurts, my nails need to be re-done, and I’m EXHAUSTED still! Lol…Its hard since my rentals are vacation rentals, not long-term tenants, I need a hotel maid service that not only cleans well but is available on a moments notice (including holidays) and does inventory-AND doesn’t charge out of her ass! Soooo now asking all my neighbors and will start from there.

Have a HUGE week ahead, well 2 weeks…(it never stops does it?!) I have to prep for Maggie coming in tomorrow!!! and then get ready for Adultcon Thurs & Fri! Sat our LIVE show on my site, Sunday a photoshoot, monday a photoshoot, tuesday a photoshoot and she leaves wednesday :o( but Wed evening, I have a huge dinner meeting on…then friday another shoot and then another one on monday the 15th…AHHHH! Then maybe I can rest a little? Um NO! Of course Thanksgiving at my house last year was the bomb! So I’m doing it again, lol! I love cooking though, so that’s not work…Alright peeps, check the new Vid CUMMING to you Friday @ briannajordan.com Wet Kitty, from todays photoset! xxoo
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