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Next week is Adultcon!

I am getting all my videos ready for pre-release at Adultcon Las Vegas! This means all of you that show up there will be 1st CUM 1st serve to the newest and hottest HD Jerk-Off Encouragement Videos available, starring yours truly! I am stoked that Maggie is coming to stay with me for the week and we’re planning on getting more insanely HOT content. Picture her and I plus a kiddie pool filled with slippery stuff!!! Lol, that’s going to be intense! I can’t wait!

Halloween is right around the corner peeps! What are you going to dress up as? I still haven’t decided, most of my costumes are pretty slutty soooo it leaves me limited in what I can pass out candy in! Lol, yes I am having a low-key halloween this year. Busted out the decor and will hand candy to the kids in my hood! Mu-hahahahaha (

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Time to PARTY!

Getting ready for Halloween! Its next week!!! I love Halloween its so much fun to play dress up-not that I don’t always do that for you boys anyway! Lol. This week has been crazy, it seems like it never stops. Between running around for work, family and prepping for photoshoots and dinner parties…I’m getting a little over worked! The gym is my only sanity and that is also a little intense for me this week. I think I need to just get away for a couple of days…even when I get away though I work lol! I guess I am just an over-achiever. I am so excited for Maggie to come in for adultcon, she’ll be here a whole week-yea! We’ll certainly have to work a lot while she’s here BUT we’re gonna for sure make time to kick it! Lmao! Here’s a sneak preview into next weeks set!!! Sexy Sailor Sluts! This was SOOOO much fun! and HOT! literally.

xxoo Brianna

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Work it out

Well since my family was here and all I did was cook, run around with them and eat out…even though it was healthy I gained 1.5 lbs! I know it may not seem like much but if I don’t act fast, it will start to multiply lol! Can’t have that! Especially with as many shoots I have at the end of Oct/November. I am thinking of planning a trip to AZ and then to Florida to see the fam in Dec…plus its my bday-“go girl, Its your birthday!” So to get the lbs off, I have been not only doing my chaotic regular routine but added in 3 more spin classes per week, more pilates and regular cardio plus outside activities-can you say pooped! I need to catch up on some sleep still-always the missing piece of the pie, after all you’ll never lose weight if you’re sleep deprived! I have also been catching up on editing since everyone left…got my Halloween decorations put up and will start carving pumpkins this weekend! Then makin homemade (low-cal) pumpkin pie…trust me, it tastes better than the regular stuff! K, keep a look out for the video that goes with pink pucker, its HOT!

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That was a whirlwind two weeks!

I tell ya, when my family gets together its absolute MADNESS! I love it though, nothing better than getting together with all of your family and being forced to bond…you either fight it out or end up having a blast. With us, we do both! Lmao! I have a large variety of personalities in the group, sweet, smart, loving, ambitions, lazy, crazy, and certifiable-heehee! So I guess we’re like everyone else’s familia. I must have hosted like 8 dinners ala mi casa and for a minimum of 35people at a time…that was insanity all in of itself. I don’t mind though, anything I can do to bring people together and make their tummies happy! I am finally getting back to my normal routine of continuous over-working and working out, feels good! Spin class tomorrow and then more work! Here’s a piece of the update I am working on tonight for you all tomorrow…I figure one last bikini to end the summer season with will heat things up a bit!

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