I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had very much time to blog! Let’s see, where should I begin? I am still working my ass off-as usual (don’t worry, there’s plenty to spare! HAHA?!) This school semester is almost over, with straight A’s I’m happy. Its a bit boring and seems like a waste of time mostly but keeping my eye on the prize! It will pay off sooner or later. I am helping to plan-actually I am really doing most of the work-a few parties this summer, and a wedding! My cars are finally in working order-almost, I found a warranty company that not only offers an extended warranty but an extended service plan…exactly what this bimmer needs! My ‘Baby’ is great, he is showing a few more signs of aging though, which makes me MISERABLE! but I am enjoying every minute I have with him and he is too! The site is going so well, growing and I am offering such HOT content now that I have several more offers than I did this time last year! Speaking of, HOT new Video post today! Brickhouse, check it out if you haven’t already!