Well lets see! I have my 2 businesses still-the properties rentals are going well, they’ve stayed consistent and seem to be always rented. Its great but means more maintenance for wear and tear, but minimal tear-lol! I always screen the visitors well. The entertainment is very sloooow! The girls are always giving me drama! Its like Im dating 20 women at the same time!!! UGH! Ya know that sucks! School is school, I am ahead of everyone in my classes, so it feels like nothing but busywork. Its brain exercising though I guess, the teachers are even suprised at how advanced I am-DUH! I am a webmaster people, aint that hard, they should have let me skip some classes and jump to the advanced ones right away-but wouldn’t let me because it fulfills my major. My family is doing ok, my sisters are living and learnin the hard way and my brother is doing great in school and work! Finally he has some motivation! The genes are kicking in! I have been seriously considering doing some naughtier things on my site! Ya never know if you’ll see me sucking something soon! lol! The LIVE shows are going so well and the new updates are great also-hope you’re all enjoying! Here’s a pic from the 15 hour shoot I just did last week! What a day-I’m still tired! lol More great toy videos cumming soon! xxoo