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FOUND! Cute white terrier…BRAT! Lol

Sheesh, so in between me going to school, running my businesses, helping out several friends going through bad emotional breakups, prepping for a photoshoot, working on my website and EVERYTHING ELSE! lol, I find this little doggie wandering the streets last night. She was freezing, hungry and scared so I couldn’t let her stay outside all night. I hung a bunch of Found signs, but it was pretty late so no one called and it was bed time. At 1st she played with Baby and it was really cute, but then she tried to claim the house, lol, all of his things and poo’ed in my house! Ugh, every 2 hours last night she was barking to go pee! I’m exhausted!!! So I get up around 9a after laying there for a couple hours just waiting for her to wanna go pee again…no one has called yet…I go upstairs to get some work done and she’s nipping at my toes for attention-Baby being the best dog ever keeps looking at her misbehaving like, wtf are you doin dog? Lol…finally at 12p I get a frantic phone call from a girl-who lives in my neighborhood not too far down the street…so happy to have found her! They were reunited and I am happy-happy she’s safe and happy to have her gone, lol! Let’s see if I can get through the day with no sleep!

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Brianna and Heather Summers!

Check these out, we shot this in one of my rental properties here in Vegas and having a female photog put us both at ease…we were able to totally relax and just be into each other!

briannajordan.com xxoo

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New Gallery Added! Check it out!

Catching up on a ton of work….with all my cars not working and struggling to get shit straightened out, I am stuck playing catch up! Not to worry, I’ll always be able to keep the HOT stuff cumming your way! xo

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So I am welcoming in 2010 with a lot of excitment! Good riddance 2009. I have had my ups, downs and just plain crazy things happen to me this past year. I am very grateful for what I do have, my health, family and good friends…that’s all we can really ask for I guess. I am praying for NO MORE car issues…4 cars in 1 week is a bit much even for me to handle, lol! I came back from my SD trip rested and rejuvenated. I am ready to take down all the xmas decor and get back into shooting a lot to continue bringing you guys LOADS of really HOT content. Briannajordan.com had its year anniversary and I am very happy with how its been going. I’m sure you guys are too! Here’s a pic from next weeks NEW Gallery! xxoo

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