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So I got stuck with the sniffles~

that doesn’t stop me from all the work I have to do, major shoot planned for nov 2nd! Plus adultcon right after! I did get a chance to relax a bit yesterday though, 2 1/2 hour deep tissue and a movie, that was nice! Saw couples retreat, better than I expected, but wouldn’t see it again!

Stay tuned for more members exclusives this week on Wed! I KNOW you’re LOVING it!

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SO EXCITED~ website changes!

EVERYONE go to the intro page and see the NEW FREE Video teaser that I just uploaded! www.briannajordan.com

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I really try to stay drama and stress free as I have my hands full and try to balance so many different things and people in my life already. This past friday I picked up my youngest sister to help her get ready for her 1st homecoming on Sat. We ran all of our errands, cooked dinner and crashed after a really LONG day! I promised her I’d make my famous french toast for breakfast, but I wanted to get a little workout in before everyone woke up….so as the house is still asleep I grab Baby and his leash and we head out for a walk/run around the park and neighborhood..mind you, I live in a very upscale community in Vegas. I admired the gorgeous weather and how cute the little league soccer teams were running around the feild. Baby is loving the run and ignores all the dogs on the sidelines barking as we pass. We get around the fields to the back entrance of my neighborhood and I decide to pass it up and go further and around the other side to the front entrance….as I get to the next crosswalk, a woman (in her 40s) and her dog approach, the dog is on his hind legs barking and trying to pull to get to Baby. I say a friendly hello to this psycho and she lets her fucking leash go! The dog bites Baby in the face! He yelps and I bend down to get the dog off of Baby (the cunt owner is standing there not moving the entire time, hand on hip) I get bite by this dog and scratched to all hell. So I’m kicking my leg to get the dog off of me and sheild my dog, I turn to her and as I am starting to say, “Grab your dog!” That bitch PUNCHED ME IN THE FACE! I’m in SO much shock at this point, I grab baby off the ground and call 911, the lady runs across the street trying to get away…I chase her and they transfer me to animal control (not fully hearing that she punched me)…I run in front of her to stop her and she hit me again-knocking my phone to the ground and the battery falls out (blackberrys take forever to load) so now I’m like fuck it and bash her in the side of the head, she stumbles to the ground almost and as I am choke slamming her into a tree, yelling “STOP LADY, WTF is your Problem?!” She tries to bite me, finally she stops cuz she aint goin NO WHERE! and I let her go….she tries to run away again, I load my phone, call the police and still follow her..when the police arrive she plops on the grass and acts like nothing even happened (BI-POLAR BITCH) and since she had blood coming from her ear from me DEFENDING Myself, the cops say there’s no way to know who started it and if I press charges, so can she! So WTF?!

UGH, I get home, everyone is awake, I still make french toast for them and am just in shock pretty much the whole day…WHO in their right mind lets their leash go on purpose and then punches someone!?! Idk, I get my sis ready for her dance, she looked beautiful and they had fun, went to PF Changs for their dinner….and home…we are all still in shock at this lady’s mental status! Here’s a pic I took when I got home right after, lol! I’m fine and I’ll totally live, I should have just beat her ass until she couldn’t move but I was trying to do the right thing!

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This weekend was SO much fun!

I really needed to take a teeny break from the computer! I picked up my little sis, her bf and a friend and met my mom and her new boytoy (haha) at Barrett Jackson, where I discovered my beautiful future car…I need to sell the bimmer 1st! after a LOT of walking and car scoping, I departed from my mom and beau and we went home to make our 1st ever homemade pizza! This HAS to become a tradition! It was SOOOOO tasty! Yes, healthy too!
Ingred; Whole wheat dough (you can find almost anywhere, but got mine at fresh n easy)
Low-sugar or sugar free pizza or spaghetti sauce (fresh n easy also)
Low-fat or fat-free mozarella cheese
Turkey pepperoni
(whatever other veggies you desire)

Roll dough with a rolling pin, or if you got skillz, toss it!
roll and pinch all the way around creating a crust
fill with sauce, cheese and toppings

Bake @ 400 for about 10-12 minutes! SOOOO GOOD I SWEAR!

then it was off to my fav halloween tradition, pumpkins! Check out the outcomes (i posted on facebook, twitter and myspace!)
Then with the fresh pumpkins made pie! YUM! All in all a GREAT weekend…Sun was back to reality and the gym! It was a nice mini break! remember to check out my 5th hardcore members only show archive posted today! www.briannajordan.com

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Summer is OVER!

It has been creeping up on us, but when it got down into the 50s early this week, I was shocked! Brrrr! Have to wear more clothes! Damn, lol! Its been a very busy end of summer though, I have been shooting for you guys making incredible NEW hardcore toy vids! I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying! I am! 😉 I am getting ready for my 1st public appearance at adultcon! That is conveniently here in Las Vegas in November the 3rd and 4th! I will have tons of merchandise and will be there looking HOT to snap photos with! I think it will be fun, especially since its in conjunction with CEMA! OOOH! Car fun….speaking of that, I am getting ready to make a little appearance at Barret Jackson, its a big charity event this year! I have an important shoot coming up in November..well a few, so I am back to my 3-4 hours in the gym a day and I am pooped! That’s like half of a normal persons work day! ugh! Well, its all for the greater good, right?! I hope so! Anyhoo, off to the gym, hope you’re loveing the new site updates and changes, new content 3 times a week!!!! Woohoo, finally huh?! xxoo, Stay tuned for the Panty stuffer video!


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