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Changes to my site

So after an in depth discussion with my very smart friend, Jelena…I have decided to make some MAJOR changes to my site…I will be offering downloadable Pics (larger than they are now), downloadable vids, and easier site navigation! Members exclusive HARDCORE toy shows and MORE! I can’t wait for you guys to see! xxoo


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The fight Party

I spent all night Friday prepping food and baking and woke up early Sat to get all the errands plus set up for the party done. So cute! I love party planning firstly, all the cute little nicknacks I can find and party favors…plus I am a great cook…prob because I am an OCD perfectionist! lol…so people start to arrive just in time for my famous Guac and apps, just in time for the pre-fights to start…I didn’t really have a chance to watch, busy in the kitchen! Everyone grubbed SO hard that we were all uncomfortably full! So we watched what was supposed to be a great fight, only to see Mayweather dominate, again! Ugh, I was really wanting to see him get his ass knocked down at least once! So he won-again…then we decided to have a rock em sock em tourney and played some games, it was fun! My sis, her bf and I cleaned everything up within an hour-surprisingly and then crashed! I was SOOOOO tired! Just NOW woke up! and will be off to the gym soon!

Check out my latest pic from DAMIR K

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So I decided why the hell not! I am pleasuring myself anyway and why not share the experience with my loyal fans?! I hope you guys appreciate and enjoy 😉 Off to get ready for the fight party! GO Marquez! Not becuase I am a fan but because I can’t stand Mayweather!

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Sunday is my Monday

So I had a couple of hours to relax last night when I took my little sis to dinner, where else? Brio, haha, I take everyone there…I need a new spot. The food is so good and sitting outside on the patio to people watch is the best! She had never seen the Talented Mr Ripley, so against my better judgement, we decided to watch that as I did some work on the laptop…yuck! That movie is so twisted, its good but it always leaves me feeling uneasy, lol! I have banned scary movies from my life, haha! I work so much that when I wanna relax and watch something I wanna be anxiety free! Sheesh, so today I have to take her home! Back to school for her, back to work for me…loooong workout/errands and then MORE work! BUTTTT! Its gonna be an INSANE week of updates for YOU guys! My 1ST EVER HARDCORE TOY SHOW!!! Fuck is it gonna be a trip! You guys are in for a really big treat! xxoo

Brianna J

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Answers to “Guess that Blonde Glamour Model”

LOL! No one guessed!!! I thought maybe somebody would see it was a trick question, haha! Its ME!!! Enjoy the HOT new gallery, BLONDE BOMBSHELL! xxoo

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Guess that glamour model….win a prize ;-)

Everyone that thinks they might know can message me thru facebook or myspace and if you’re right I’ll send you a treat! xxoo

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So I thought I was finished shooting, the penthouse photog, Ellen Stagg, wants to shoot me one more time before she leaves Vegas. Which is GREAT, although I am very sore and tired (and bruised-lol) from all the previous shoots. I think I need a vacay….ahhh, I wish. So last Sunday was my photoshoot for my other business and all my girls, so I had to get ALL their outfits, coordinate the shoot schedule and feed them, haha! After my photog and firing of a girl fiasco, everything finally worked out…then Heather Summers came into town and we shot for Penthouse the next day. Such a cool chick, she was super easy to work with and we ended up having a lot of fun! She stayed with me so we went to dinner that night, to where else…Brio! YUM! I enjoyed some ckicken pasta after being so strict for months! and now I have to shoot tomorrow! Uh-oh! Well, its not really a big deal, I’ve learned over the last couple of years to really accept my body the way it is…I work out extremely hard and it shows, even with the pasta! Speaking of, I am off to the gym and then to get ready for my chat! See you all tonight! xxoo

Here’s a pic of me and Heather before we went out….

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