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I beat some Tekken ass!

So I finally decided to get outta the house and have some fun last night! I’m so glad I did! I went to one of my fav restuarants, Flemings-good bone in filet, skipped their famous lava cake bcuz I have to shoot in 7 days! No biggy, I’m over it anyway…nothing tastes as good as healthy feels 😉 Then I went to the Red rock casino in hopes of catching a good movie, got my tickets and since it wasn’t playing for an hour, you know I had to go to the arcade!!! Haha, sooo much fun! We have a huge arcade on the strip-I should go more often! I played my fav game, skeeball…got a ton of tickets and gave them to these 2 cute little girls so they could add to theirs…then beat some tekken ass! This video is too funny… Then reluctantly went in to see 500 days of Summer….SUCH A GREAT MOVIE! Thought it was gonna be a dumb cheesy romantic comedy, but NOT AT ALL! It was more of an indy film…well acted, well written, I really liked it and reccommend! Hope you guys are LOVING the 1st Fetish gallery! MORE TO COME SOON! www.briannajordan.com **REMEMBER TO Check out my store www.shopbrianna.net for my blowout sale!!!**

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Whats to CUMMMM

This weekend, I am posting my very 1st FOOT fetish set! Don’t worry, there’s plenty of crazy HOT shots of every body part in this set as well! lol! 😉

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I LOVE when I get up and get a TON accomplished….woke up super early, dropped of the bmw to finally get the brakes fixed! Hopefully once and for all! went to the gym, picked up the car, went home and got ready to make some HOTTTT vids for all my lovely fans! made a great healthy dinner of chicken/veggie kabobs and brown rice….yum! Then a lot of work on the computer! all for you! xxoo! Check this vid out!

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Behind the scenes of yesterdays shoot….

Whew what a looong day that turned out to be! I went to bed around 11pm on tues night and woke up at 5:45am to shower and prep for my drive to LA for my Lowrider feature and Girls of Lowrider shoots…packed up my truck (I won’t take my car anymore to LA, the roads are SO bad) and baby and off we went. Luckily we didn’t hit any traffic at all! I arrived 30 minutes early and into the makeup chair I went. Hair and dressed and we started shooting….what a beautiful car! I can’t release the behind the scenes pics of it yet, BUT it was gorgeous! After we got the perfect shots with the car, we moved on to shoot for Girls Magazine. Also great shots! Then I packed up again and departed for home at around 5:30pm…I narrowly escaped the insane LA traffic and was halfway to Vegas when my truck started acting up! Shit! It started slowing to 55 mph when I was going up an incline! So I played it cool, not letting the engine go over 2k rpm and prayed! Lol, I figure its the fuel filters that need to be replaced…I made it home! WOOOHOOO! Had to unload the truck and unpack (that’s the OCD in me, can’t ever just chill and wait until the next day!) shower (ahhhhh! nice) and grub! I made the dopest meatballs (healthy version of course!) and some whole wheat pasta the night before….nummers! Totally hit the spot…then turned on the TV to watch my Hells Kitchen and fell asleep on the coach…woke up and crawled into bed….sooo beat! Now I’m up and gonna go get my fuel filters changed! Lol! Here’s a video of me getting ready in the dressing room! You can see MUCH more of me at www.BRIANNAJORDAN.com!

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Girls night out….

Here’s Lexi and I before our encounter with that d-bag! Lol, still a fun night though!

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What a LOOOONG week!

So I’ve been prepping for this 2 day shoot for a while now…getting wardrobe and locations and helping my girl, Lexi Lawless get ready for it also. So I picked her up from the airport on Sunday and do the final shopping details for the shoot…get some rest and have a long shoot day on Monday…what a GREAT shoot day! I was sooo happy with the outcome. So I make a huge meal Monday night and invite over my super sweet neighbor who is going through a divorce now, poor gal! We grub and pass out to get ready for the next day of shooting….this is at another location and a way longer day for me….it didn’t start out very well, I went to the gym to get a quick workout in and fell! Lol, they were mopping the floors without a sign and ooooops! There I go, bruised my knee and made it way harder to shoot, lol! We started at 1pm and FINALLY wrapped around 1am…we were all so exhausted that we went home and crashed. Last night was Lexi’s last night in Vegas, so we decided to do a casual girls night out, dinner and drinks (I told you, every once in a while I will have a glass of wine! 😉 So we went to Brio and then Blue Martini….it pretty much reminded me of why I don’t go out! LMAO! We did have fun and it was nice to get out since I don’t get to see her very much anymore…until this asshole would NOT get the clue and we had to have security escort him outta the bar! All in all, a great week-just long! You guys are going to LOOOOOOVE the new content….I am exploring a LOT of different looks, from Domination to Roller Girl and MUCH MORE! You should also start to watch out for some TOYS! Yes, I said toys! I always play with myself and thought my loyal fans should be able to benefit from that pleasure too!

xxoo Brianna J

Here’s a pic after we wrapped on tuesday! Obviously I was getting WET for my fans, lol! xxoo

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