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San Fran RE-DO?

5 years ago was the last time I went to San Fran for the 1st time, the trip ended up to be pretty shitty, my cell phone was stolen and I lost MANY important contacts, the weather was awful and my cab ended up running outta gas on the way to the airport, causing me to miss my flight…fast forward to July 2009. My decent into Northern Cali last week was great! We stopped along the way and took cool pics of the old gold mines, abandoned cities and beautiful Lake tahoe…arrived late to our hotel and it was super clean, better than hotels.com described it (I’m going to write a good review, lol) After a GREAT night of sleep, I wake up, make my world-famous guacamole for Jelena’s party….the party was FABULOUS…she is a great hostess! She and Aria slaved in the kitchen all morning for all of the guests, and the food was amazing! Beautiful new backyard and we all had a really good time. I brought my little Baby and he mingled with everyone too! lol…I even got the courage to BACKDIVE! TOPLESS! haha from the rock waterfall…that’s why I don’t drink wine very often….heehee…it was super fun though. Next was the short drive to San Fran and upon arriving to the hotel, we got the LAST room avail and it wasn’t as clean as my OCD ass would have liked it, but it had to do, it was way too late to find another place, so went to bed…woke up and decided to have breakfast and go sight-seeing. (Left my jewelry in the room-with the do not disturb sign on the door) I get back and notice it had been cleaned but more importantly my fucking watch and bracelet was GONE! So I went to the manager, who was more aloof and acted like a deer in headlights-he didn’t do shit, so I called the cops who searched the bitch of a maid….they never found it 🙁 I know my stuff is in some pawn shop somewhere or on craiglist….she must have hidden it somewhere during the time I left and the time I discovered it missing….I know exactly where I left them and have never in 15 years misplaced my jewelry…sigh, so with a little less faith in humanity and a heavy heart, I left San Fran…Not the City Re-do I was hoping for. I guess this really is NOT my city…I feel very saddened that this woman had to resort to stealing from a stranger, all I know is some baaaad karma is coming her way VERY soon….I’m gonna start checking the local pawn shopes and craigslist…UGH, looong drive ahead of me!

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Check her out guys!


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Haha! Well, if you guessed D) all of the above, you were correct…I had to bail my baby sister out of jail! She never ever took care of the traffic sitations she got! Omg, did she not learn anything from me, lol! I am happy to report that she is out and has retained my attorney to actually take care of this mess. YES! While stressing out that she was in there I personally got 1 ticket for speeding! Whatever…so my foot is part lead, and one for failure to complete a stop at a stop sign, exactly what I need…more $ thrown down the tubes. Did I learn my lesson? Hmmm, I guess so…not sure if I’ll ever be able to stop speeding completely but I will try! Lol! and lastly duh! Of course I have been working my ass off at the gym, unless there’s an act of God that prevents me from getting there….I’m there everyday-for those of you that follow my tweets (twitter.com/brianna_jordan) you hear about my little gym adventures! I am finished with Aria and my very 1st set!!! I will be releasing on FRI!!! Can’t wait to show you guys….I know you’re gonna EXPLODE with enthusiasm, haha! xxoo

Brianna J

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Multiple choice:

Since Brianna has been back to Las Vegas, she has:

A) Been to the gym everyday

B) Got 2 traffic tickets

C) Bailed her little sister out of JAIL

D) All of the above?

The answer soon to come 😉
I am almost finished with Aria and my set and almost ready to post! Stay tuned!

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So I’ve finally decided to jump on the tweeting bandwagon…for those of you that know me, you know I think all the “social networking” sites are GAY! I must conceed however, that I have made a LOT of great contacts on myspace…. I met Jelena, Aria, Heather Summers, Vanilla Deville…etc there, so I guess you guys would have a lot less SUPER HOT and EXPLICIT content to look at if it weren’t for myspace! HAHA! So I’ve started to tweet on twitter, you guys can follow me throughout my busy ass days and see what’s going on with me…. I text enough anyway, so I said, WHY NOT?! I will tweet to my little hearts desire, lol! follow me at twitter.com/brianna_jordan

xxoo Brianna J

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My 1st MOVIE! Pink Lips, Black Hearts

Starring Me and Jelena Jensen, go to danni.com to see the whole movie!

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