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Another loooong week, I spent some great quality time with my family, which was awesome…I threw an impromptu summer BBQ party, it was nice, of course I cooked…very lean buffalo burgers…don’t let the name fool you, they are very tasty! Some sweet cob corn and veggies, watermelon, (I obviously brought the melons-HAHAHAHHA!)! Then a long game of Taboo, that game is SO fuckin fun! I love it, plus I take names! haha, I’m competitive! Then I had to drive to LA for a shoot Wed and back same night…it was a great shoot, nice crew and LOOONG drive. I have to get ready now and fly to Chicago for a week! That’s gonna be LOOOONG too. I miss my baby already! He can’t come this trip, I’ll be working too much and bringing one of my employees, hopefully we’ll just be so busy working that the time will fly! Until next week! xxoo Brianna

ps, I hope you LOVE the NEW video!

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Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone!

Since I did my chat on Wednesday, I HAD to send everyone off with a teaser! xxoo Brianna J ps. Remember to see the LATEST, HOTTEST and NEWEST Pics and STEAMY vid on todays website update, www.BRIANNAJORDAN.com

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Whats to CUMMMM

Lol, I’ve been busy as usual working my ass off, here’s a sneak peek into this weeks updates! xxoo


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What a night last night! teehee!

So totally uncharacteristically of me….whether its the shit economy getting to me or WHO KNOWS! I got drunk last night…I don’t EVER drink, maybe a glass of wine but last night it was my best friend of 8 years bday, and I made dinner and a cake and just had a chill night at home but cracked open a nice bottle of wine and one glass lead to another and another and ANOTHER! Lol! What the hell, I never indulge and I drank the damn bottle…it was good, I spaced it out from like 4:30pm to 12am, lol…plus dinner and a FAT piece of homemade cake…yum! So it was fun! Don’t worry I drank plenty of water too….there was NO way in hell that I was gonna get sick or a hangover (I’m surprised actually)I let myself sleep in an hour longer than norm too just in case…it worked! So now I am going to pay penance at the gym and sweat it all out! Lol, hope you all enjoyed the 1st amatuer gallery…I want FEEDBACK! Let me know if you wanna see more or just like the professional shots I do….xxoo

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XBIZ ’09

My 1st webmaster convention! I wanted to go and be a sponge but also had lots of fun with my girl Aria…the conv. is today thru fri…tons more pics to see on this weeks updates!

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