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More Behind the scenes video from SoCal Shoot

This was a really crazy shoot, like I said….mobs of people around watching, taking pics and vid! CRAZY

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So Cal Magazine Shoot

So YES, I have done a TON of shoots! but NEVER in public, wearing an itty bitty bikini, don’t ask me why I thought it would be cool and not harrassed by mobs of people! Lol, it was REALLY overwhelming…I’m NOT shy (as we all know) but DAMN, some people we downright RUDE and MEAN! I was trying to take great pics and they kept harrassing me and then cursing me out when I didn’t respond….WOW! I will NOT EVER do that again! At least we got some fab pics by the beach! Soon to be released by SoCAL Magazine!

Behind the scenes Vid from the shoot….

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Pics from the PLAYBOY Mansion!

WOW! What a trip…as you know I had a WHOLE week of shoots planned….all of which went really well, I know all the pics and vids will be amazing…but I will NEVER do a week in LA again! I hated it! The driving, the streets, the peeps, the getting lost EVERYDAY, the confusing freeways….the moldy smell of the city! Lol…its just NOT my thing. I am I guess spoiled by my home and Vegas…plus I missed my dog and home so much! It was great to finally shoot with Jelena Jensen, she is just as sweet in person as she is on the net! and beautiful! So is Aria…they both made me feel really comfortable in my FIRST EVER G/G shoots! It was actually REALLY FUN! So you’ll for sure see a lot more of all of us soon….J got me an invite to the mansion….THAT WAS A BLAST! I have always wanted to see what all the fuss was about, I did…checked it off my list….on to the next thing! Lol! I added a new candid gallery from the mansion…make sure you check it out!

xxoo Brianna

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2 HOT NEW Beauty Galleries!

Check out my girls, Jessica and Seanna! They’re both super cool in their own ways!

So tonight I drove out to cali! My first actual stay in LA. The drive was a little shitty with a lot of stop and go traffic, but the hotel is really nice and in a nice area. I just hope I will be able to get to all of my shoots on time and not get stuck in traffic! I hear its NYC bad! We’ll see! I have a CRAZY schedule of shooting ALL week…Monday 3 test shoots, Tues danni.com/penthouse shoot with Jelena J, wed-PLAYBOY!!!!, thursday shoot with Aria and Jelena, Friday shoot with DamirK, Sat -shoot pending on the test shoots…or SLEEP! Sun Socal Magazine Shoot! HOME!!! I already miss my dog SOOOOO BAD! It wouldn’t have been fair for me to bring him and leave him in the hotel all day every day, so I have a dog sitter living in…GOD I miss HIM! Okay, so thinking positively for the week and can’t wait to let everyone see the fruits of my labor! xxoo Brianna J


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So I didn’t become a finalist…oh well! Next time! I have SO much else to worry about, that I’m not trippin! Lol, I have 6 days til I leave for LA…a whole 9 days away from my wittle baby! I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but if I brought him, he’d just be sitting in the hotel all day everyday while I’m shooting. I had a great weekend with my little sister! Was at my pool all day and I am WIPED out! BBQd too! It was really a nice break from working…BACK to work, and workin out! xxoo Enjoy the vids! xxoo

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Today and tomorrow are the only days left to VOTE me as a Maxim Hometown Hottie! I really appreciate your support thus far….please vote so that I can become a finalist!


I am in the 7th row down and 5 across, the big head shot, lol! They could have picked a dif head shot-damn! “Brianna, Las Vegas” Please vote today AND tomorrow! DO NOT vote for anyone else…just ME! xxoo

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