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So exciting! My HOT Aziani.com Pics are out!!!

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Feeling better!

I think all the stress of moving and working and everything just took a toll on me and I got sick! I feel so much better after forcing myself to sleep longer for the last 4 nights….if I don’t get my 8+ hours with the amount of time I spend in the gym, it’s inevitable that I get the sniffles. So off to working again…I am working out now more than before, which to a degree is cool, I am hitting new plateaus….also preparing for a few big shoots! I will be shooting with Foxes.com which super ironically is the site that kinda got the ball rolling in my interest in adult modeling. So I get to go back to Scottsdale! Yea, I will visit my newly wedded girlfriend (we all remember that fiasco!) and see her new baby bump…and NO that will NOT make me want any, lol!

It’s a gorgeous day here in Vegas and I am gonna go for a walk with Baby before the gym, gotta wash my car too! have a great week everyone and stay tuned for Friday updates!

xxoo BRI
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What an awesome show tonight!

I am very pleased with how everything with the site is growing, thanks to all my loyal fans and all my new ones! I am so excited to continue growing as a webmaster and a model….I am getting excited to do my very first g/g shots with Jelena….coming in May!

I have unfortunatley been under the weather a little this week-that’s why I have been behind on my blogs…but today I woke up feeling refreshed and hit the gym, even though I probably should have rested….some light cardio felt right though. I have been watching movies by the fire and having been stuck inside all day yesterday-I needed to run free! Lol….I watched the longest and probably most idiotic movie that I DO NOT reccommend…Vicky, Christina Barcelona! DUMB!

I also went shopping for some sexy lingerie for next weeks chat! For those of you that haven’t been yet….you don’t know what you’re missing!!! As soon as my store is completed…its pretty much done, I am waiting on the merchant company now….I will start selling downloads of all my chats and vids, and A LOT More!!! including the option to have me make YOU a CUSTOM Video! Sweet huh?!

Well I’m gonna start doing this weeks updates….they’re gonna get your blood pressure up, so make sure you’re sittin down, lol!


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My Latest Twistys exclusive! SUPER HOT!

Go there and rate me, better yet, tell them how you wanna see MORE!

xxoo Brianna

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

So I took it easy for once, didn’t get on the computer (much) yesterday! Lol, watched some good movies…Iron Man-good comeback! and then that dutchess movie…decent…sad life but good. No candy for me…I am getting ready for a crazy upcoming year!!!

What? you ask! ….
I am teaming up with some of the HOTTEST XXX girls and doing my very 1st g/g galleries and videos-EXCLUSIVELY on briannajordan.com! You will see me with Jelena Jenson, Aria Giovanni and MORE! I am also launching my NEW store where you can buy items from my closet, like my wet panties from my shoots and videos!, you will be able to order custom videos, say you’d like to see me in the shower touching myself and saying your name!-we can make that happen!!!

You can also get autographed magazine’s I am featured in or just about any of your favorite pics of me autographed!

In addition to all of this I am adding a new feature where all my loyal customers are eligible for discounts after a certain number of months that you are with me!

I am very excited, this is going to be a great year for everyone I just know it! I know it has been rough with all the politics and the uncertain economy but at lease I can provide you with a distraction from everything! Be sure to join me almost EVERY Friday night at 5pm PST for my LIVE shows where you can learn all about me AND get to see me strip down and even get a little naughty!!! I am really excited to see the first cover magazine being released in stores in just a few short weeks! Remember to grab your copy of LOW RIDER!!! Feel free to email your comments and requests for my site!!! xxoo
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New Pics for Valentine’s-Stay tuned!

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Yea! My lowrider cover Mock up is ready!

Check it out guys! I am so excited…lots of anticipation! The spread inside is gonna be HOT! Get your copy of the MAY Cover issue in stores in April!!! I will autograph with SASE and just $20!!! which will also include a BONUS autographed naughty pic of me!!!
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Ridiculously HOT new Video Feature!

Wow, I knew that danni.com and Penthouse would do a great job but I seriously underestimated that! I just saw my NEW Feature, “Brianna’s Best” and it is SOOOO HOT! You all have to check me out, go to danni.com for more…..

Here’s one from yesterdays update! HOT! xxoo Briannawww.briannajordan.com

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Construction worker hell!

So they are still NOT finished after promising me that they’d complete this BEFORE I moved in…I even flew my brother out here to deal with them-in the fucked up case that they would treat me as a woman differently than him…still NOT Done. I am such a clean freak that I am loosing my mind! I am stuck in my bedroom and office-baracading the doors with towels to avoid the dirt and dust! They say that they’ll be grouting and done tomorrow…..we’ll see. I am going to go out this weekend and celebrate if that’s the case….I need a release ;-0 I’m even getting a little cough from the dust I think. Wish me luck guys, seriously I need it! On a better note, I just talked to the Lowrider Mag people and my release is getting set up for MAY! Yea! I can’t wait…I took some seriously HOT pics with a badass car! I loved that shoot….so I think they’ll hit stores in Mid April-everyone must keep a look out….I will also be selling autographed copies with a bonus autographed pic for the 1st 20 people!!! Alright, I’m getting outta here to work out! See ya later! Stay tuned for my sexy secretary set being released FRI~ xxoo Brianna

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