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Mellow Yellow by Marquis Models

This shoot was so fun, Angela (Melini) was so welcoming and so were all of the other models… She is an inspiration ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks mama!

Enjoy everyone!

xxoo Briwww.briannajordan.com

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Ho! Ho! HO!

hey that’s not nice! haha…its finally here! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I hope that everyone can at least get a chance to relax today…I am gonna try. I just finished 4 hours of baking! My ‘traditional’ kiss cookies….so good! brownies-yum and THEN when I went to take the pumpkin pie out of the oven…..HAHAHA, it fell-ALL OVER THE stove and floor! everything from scratch too, needless to say-I will just be bearing cookies and brownies ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh well, I tried! I can’t fucking believe I dropped the damn pie…at least it’ll be a good story to tell everyone….I can’t wait for my sisters to open their presents….that’s my favorite part, seeing everyone’s reactions to the gifts I give. Ok, I’m gonna go give myself a pedi and go to bed! sweet dreams….I hope santa brings you all what you want!


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Happy Holidays?

I don’t know guys, this holiday season is a bit depressing…everyone getting fired or laid off….people defaulting on their payments….sigh! I am still trying to remain cheerful and am running around like a crazy women trying to get my xmas errands done….I am only shopping for the kiddies this year…well my youngest little sister, she has done exceptionally well in school so far this year all As and 1B, which is a COMPLETE turn around from last year. Her dad (not my dad) has a little gambling problem and she won’t really be getting much materially…so I’m just getting what she “needs” lol, needs or wants, I guess its a fine line….I am already getting my xmas presents from all of my SO SWEET fans….THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I know that this year is difficult for everyone and I really appreciate everyone being so kind as to remember me this Christmas. Okay, gotta run to the mall for the last minute details! Talk to you all soon! XXOO

Brianna J
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My XMas Party!

I have been sooo busy, sorry its been a while that I’ve posted! Between working, working out and holiday crap I am exhausted! Business is bad now also, so that doesn’t help….so many people I know are getting forclosed on and loosing their jobs. I am so grateful that I am holding it together…hope I will be okay through the New Year….let’s get this damn inaguration over with and get back on track! I really wanted to show my employees that I appreciated them sticking it out with me through these rough times, so I threw a mini-holiday party at one of my favorite places-Brio! It was so fun! I so rarely drink and definitly had WAAAAY too much wine last night! I think it’ll be another 6 months before I drink again, haha! Here’s some pics from dinner….btw, I hope you all loved my last gallery-HOT! Its only gonna get better people! lol-stay tuned and keep checking the site weekly for the latest!
xxoo Bri
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I’m DONE! Yay!

I did my 2 day shoot with Greg and it was so awesome! We got SUPER hot pics….he’s so nice and not pervy at all-so we were able to get EXTRA crazy…I know you guys will LOVE all the upcoming content! Here’s a sneak peek from a behind the scenes video! I got to totally relax today, I don’t have to shoot until Jan so last night after we finished, I indulged in some amazing brownies-yes I make the best “regular” brownies that you will ever taste in your life! From scratch! Yum….then my sister and her new boyfriend and a friend of mine played mexican train (with dominos people!), so much fun. I banned working out today and just took the day for myself-and you guys with my hot update! Work ME out, was taken with ModFX models and was super fun! I know I insipired some ideas for some of their other shoots…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Tomorrow I will REALLY work it out and hit it hard again with an hour of weights, an hour of cardio and an hour of pilates….gotta work off those fantabulous brownies! Hope ya like the vid!!! xxoo Brianna

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Omg! Super excited!

So I have been working all weekend to finish up my online store! It should be finished in a week or 2 latest! There’s gonna be tons on stuff available, from my worn panties (yummy) and used toys to my autographed 8x10s, wall cling,etc! I can’t wait! This week is gonna be Crazy! I have to get ready for my Friday shoot with Greg Hadel…I have to workout like a maniac and still take it easy so I don’t get injured, then have to prepare for my fam coming to visit for only 1 day on thurs….then have to hire a new office girl-have several interviews to do this week…then have all my regular errands for the shoot, hair, nails, mall, lol! The list goes on and on….I hope you all have a really great week and stay tuned for updates! OH! and I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!! Contact Show Magazine for me, tell them that you’d like to see ME on the cover and why: here’s their myspace link:

Thanks everyone for your love and support!WET KISSES


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Let’s do this!

Thanks to everyone who joined my webcam chat last night, I know you guys enjoyed my flashes-lol! Hope it helped you guys escape from your routines! I can’t wait until the site really gets going and we have a ton of people chatting together. I think once the mags hit, it will go crazy! Can’t wait….so all that flashing worked up an appetite and I went to Cheesecake factory with my sis and her new boytoy-lol! They’re so cute together! Finally she picks a nice kid! We drove up and down the strip for old times and then girl talk into the early am hours….FUN! Just did this weeks update-hope we likey! Gotta go do some cardio! TTYL!


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HOT outfits! Also LIVE webcam tonight 9pm-BE THERE!

I’m still in my beginning stages of the site, and can’t wait to get to know each and everyone better! I will start doing earlier shows for all of my east coasters as the chats grow, more requests are made and I get some time! hehe…I have SO much goin on right now…its mid-week for me, and I am getting ready for my shoot next Friday-I got a bunch of HOT outfits….you guys are gonna LOVE them! I have an early private pilates session but have to do some cardio before….then see my favorite chiro for a little adjustment and then I’m gonna hang out with my baby sister after my chat and take her to dinner or something….idk, she has a new boyfriend that she wants me to meet. You never think anyone’s good enough for them ya know?! Oh well, gotta give him a shot I guess….You guys better be there for my webcam chat! You might see some skin, hehe! Tonight 9pm pst!

xoxo Brianna

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NEW!!! Do YOU wanna speak with ME on the phone??!!

You can now arrange calls with me!

Even better, you can buy HOT pics of me that are too hot for my members area of my site!!! OMG, I’m DRIPPING WET!!!

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Happy Birthday to ME!!!

What an awesome bday! All of my girls and employees pitched in and donated a bunch of cash and Neiman’s gift certs and then I went to my Fav lowkey rest. Brio and for the 1st time in 3 years-yea that’s true!!! I saw a movie in the theatre!!! Went to see Quantum of Solace….very good! Golden eye was still the shit but this was great too! I had such a great bday, thanks everyone!!! And for my Secret Admirer…thanks for the Louboutins!!! I will wear them for you in my next personal shoot! Here’s me running to the movie, trying not to be late ๐Ÿ˜‰

XXOO Brianna
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