Dillion Harper on Oct. 23 @ 5pm PST
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Ah, patience is a virtue!

Everyone is asking about Visa! I guess I have to be patient….in order to offer visa on the site, they do a 7-21 day hold?! Whatever, I will keep waiting I guess-nothing else I can do! So today is my usual day off from the gym but I am going anyway, I wanna start relaxing on Saturdays instead. I’m off to work it out then, upper body day today and always the lovely cardio. Maybe I’ll go back to the park, it was soooo beautiful yesterday and Baby loved it! Have a lazy Sunday everyone!

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Lots of work

Wow, I am finally seeing the light at the end! The site went up today!!! Just need a few minor tweeks and I’ll be fully complete. I have just scheduled a shoot with Aziani, and Twistys in November and then of course Penthouse and Danni.com in Jan! This is gonna be a crazy next few months! I love it though. Gotta get it all outta my system while I’m young, lol! Off to take my poopers to the park! Have a great day everyone!

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